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  • What a week it has been, didn’t think that things could get so interesting at the plant(ation) but they have. I have a sneaky suspicion that there’s a conspiracy to get me fired, Certain groups of people decided to all go to my boss to complain about me. Four people, on four different days weren’t to my boss to complain that they find it unfair that I get paid for doing nothing and as a result I have fought with my boss everyday this week. After my illness last week I decided to not give a flying eff anymore, I’m no longer afraid to speak my mind. My boss fought with me about everything; he picked a fight with me about my habit of putting hands on my pocket, he says it gives an impression that I’m lazy and here I was under the impression that putting your hands in your pocket is the most efficient way to keep them warm in this cold weather.pfft. On Thursday we had a serious meeting/fight about me not doing anything, I pointed out that I’ve seen him on different occasions about this and he promised to look into it. His response was very pathetic; he said I shouldn’t wait for him to give me projects, I’m not here to be “spoon fed” I must get proactive and identify things that I can do. I told him that there are already four people hired to do that sort of stuff, identify problems and improve them, if I manage to identify something these people are probably busy doing this already. Our argument went on for about forty minutes until he gave in and gave me a project that I was busy with more than a month ago that got put on hold. So in effect the people that wanted to get rid of me actually made things a little easier for me at plant(ation), the universe has a sense of humour after all.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with routine, I love it ’cause it simplifies things for me. I manage to do a lot of things without realizing it but it is also frustrating doing the same thing every day. Waking up at around the same time. clocking in at about the same time, clocking out at about the same going home, eat and sleep at about the same time. It gets boring after a while. It is even harder to break out of a routine, you try waking up 15 minutes earlier or later and you find out that the rhythm that keeps you going is broken, everything you do turns into a stuff up because it wasn’t done at a certain time. It’s annoying.
  • I’ve been trying to spend less so that when July the 31st arrives and I happen to be unemployed I won’t find myself broker than a broke dick dog. The biggest casualty has been food, I didn’t realize how much I spent on unnecessary food items; I really didn’t need to buy sweet chili sauce for my eggs, or spend twice the amount on brown seed bread when normal whole wheat would have been fine. Even though I don’t save that much by making subtle differences in my eating habits, I realize that the few cents I’ve saved could make a difference down the line.
  • Last week Saturday, I accompanied a friend to Game( a supermarket), He wanted to buy blinds for his bedroom. Since I wasn’t planning on buying anything, I left my wallet in my bag at the parcel counter; I don’t know if they have parcel counters elsewhere but for some odd reason they don’t allow people to enter the store with their bags, parcels etc. And if you notice there’s a disclaimer at the counter stating that you place your goods there at your own risk, the store won’t be responsible for their employees going through you bag and stealing all your stuff. Well an employee at Game actually went through my bag and helped herself to my R300, I didn’t realize that they actually stole from me, it was at another shop buying fried chicken that I realized that R300 was missing from my wallet. I shall never leave any valuables at the parcel counter, ever again.
  • I had no apetite last week, I ate something like one meal a day. I ended up losing 3KG’s which was probably due to dehydration. I was all excited about the weight that I had lost until the post-illness munchies kicked in Monday afternoon, I was eating all types of greasy stuff, ate about four bags of chips in one night. I think I’ve gained back all the weight I’ve lost.lol.
  • I’m not going to be lifting weights again. I’m done, I’m tired of the type of people at that body building club, I’m tired of being told how much I need steriods/supplements. I’m sick of people who think that if you can’t lift a certain amout of weight, you’re weak regardless of whether you’ve just started or not. I’m done, I’m going back to jogging again.

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