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Funny how being sick and bed ridden can help you think of things you have been conveniently putting at the back of your mind. Maybe it was the medication, I don’t know, but the thing that kept creeping on my mind have been powerful to say the least. Everybody close to me has a high probability of hearing this words coming out of my thick pink lips: “2009 has been a definition of a shitty year, nothing came alright this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing comes alright either”. This has been my anthem for the year, I’m thinking of dropping it, it’s a pathetic excuse for all the shortcomings that have occurred this year. I still don’t expect things to be all Rosie O’Donnell all of a sudden but I’m not going to waste anymore oxygen saying the same thing as if saying it will somehow stop the universe from waging a ongoing war against yours truly. i have a great task ahead of me, I enjoyed being sick, not the process of being nauseous and weak and cranky all the time, no! that i didn’t enjoy, what I did enjoy was being away from that place that I said I won’t mention here ever again. When I realized how much I truly hated that place I just didn’t see any reason for me being there. No way in hell’s winter am i going back there after July 31st when i spend the last day there. Therein comes the difficult part.

Job Hunting is hard by itself, add the inevitable fact that we are in a flipping recession and you’ve got a perfect recipe for rejection. Its going to be hard, I realize that. I’m going to get more rejection than I’m having right now and I’m cool with it. I also realize that I’m going to have to face disappointment and people who were so proud of me about a year ago when I packed my bags to start another life in Springs, what explanation will I give them when I come back home, Unemployed? So many people were proud of me when it seemed like I was making a name for myself, what will their reaction be when I get back to square one? sigh all across the boards I guess but I digress. Life is not a box of chocolates, as Forrest Gump notes it, its a box full of shit bags but it is life nonetheless, made to be enjoyed, and I’m planning to enjoy it, And I am confident that I will find a kickass job for myself which brings me to another dilemma……

It has been said that beggars cannot be choosers but with all the things that has happened these past 10 months should I just apply all willy nilly to every relevant post that gets sent to me by the wonderful people at or should I rather ensure that I’m going to work for a company that will deliberately fuck me over or worse still put obstacle in your way that you have no other choice but to fuck yourself over so as to make the path of the next student/trainee a little easier? These are some of the question I have been asking myself whilst I’m drinking pills and fighting off fever. I realize, from information I’ve gotten from the people I used to go to lecturers with, that the bulk of the Engineering industry is filled with Racialist assholes who make it a point to make life hell for people who seem like a threat to their jobs, a logic that I still don’t understand to this day. So finding that ideal company will prove to be nearly impossible, my aim is to find a place where there’s less bullshit/childish politics to deal with, I think I’ve already established enough contacts to ask the right people how the work environment of a certain company is. One thing I’ve learnt by the whole ordeal at the plant(ation) is that first impression are a terrible way to judge a company. The first month at the plant(ation), I was accommodated at a five star guest house, had conversations with CEO of large companies from around the world at that guest house. I was accommodated at a five star guest house, had conversations with CEO of large companies from around the world at that guest house. Graduate trainees even spend a whole month with the companies top management, attending dinner parties, cocktail parties, the works but when all that is over and reality sets in they realize one hard truth: And I shall never make the same mistake twice. I apologize for going off on a tangent, the withdrawal from the five different antiviral medication the doctor gave me that didn’t work are making me extra emo. What I was trying to say was this, it’ll all be okay. Sorry to be all emo on a Saturday afternoon but I just had to get shit off my chest like breast reduction.


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  1. I want to tell you that it will all be okay in the end… that if it’s not okay, it’s not the end… but I don’t know that for sure, and plus… this should be looked at as a beginning. What I do know is that you sound like you’re getting your shit together and that is a hell of a good indication that everything is going to be okay… possibly better. Chin up, dude… you can do whatever you set your mind to doing.

  2. Well look your deadline of July 31st isn’t here yet and from appearances you do sound like you have stuff together in terms of job hunting. In other words don’t panic till a week before your final week at the plantation. As for the people who were proud of you stuff happens. I am in a similar predicament. Went to England to work, cam back a year later because of crappy treatment from the law firm I was at and found myself unemployed for a span that I had to go back to Uni to study what I wanted to study in the first damn place. My advice? dont compromise and just keep searching.

  3. p.s yes the album is dope I could email you a few tracks? as for roots…lost cause. Anyway its probably for the best..most people after they watch roots seem to start acting all twitchy around the fairer race. We don’t want you to go on a kill whitey tip after watching it.

  4. get well soon. thats a shitload of meds your on.i know the feeling of being unemployed in the current scenario. its tough, and i’ve even thought of applying to places i’d never think twice about previously, but i guess i must take what i can get. i hope you find work soon. hang in there.

  5. @Candy: Thanks for the words of wisdom, My chin is a few degrees higher already :)@K LOL, After watching Rosewood, I don’t think any film or series will make me go on a kill W***tey tip. I’ll DM you my mail address so you can send me the tracks. Peace.@Sidrah: Thanks, sidrah. Good luck on your jobhunt as well.

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