Return of the merc

Here’s the story thus far: Newly appointed Transport Minister Sbu Ndebele got a gift worth R1 million in a form of a new model of Mercedes Benz S500 from his buddies a group of contractors thanking him for quote unquote transforming them from struggling businessmen into millionaires. While he was still Kwa-Zulu Natal Transport MEC he awarded more than R10 million worth of road construction tenders to small contractors and as a way of saying thanks they gave him a merc and two head of cattle. This ’caused an uproar from the South African, who have become synonymous with whingers (Feel free to prove me wrong), there was pressure from all angles for him to return the car, he could keep the cattle cause nobody gives a damn about bloody bovines, just as long as he returned the mercedes. right? Everybody was waiting for 1h30PM yesterday to hear the man himself announce whether he’s going to keep the car or not.

He did the obvious thing of course and returned the merc, Apparently he consulted the presidency about it but he could have saved himself the trouble and came to me. I would have told him to give me the merc and when asked what he did with it he could have told the media that he gave it to a struggling blogger to help him get back on his feet, that would have scored him some extra point and I would have enough money to last me about 9 years. Everybody wins. But on a serious note though, am I the only person who finds the whole thing a little bit ridiculous? it’s only a gift, regardless of the price tag. It’s not like they gave him the merc before he awarded them the contracts. I just love how everybody likes to pretend we live in an ideal world where contractors get tenders on merit but the real truth of the matter is that its about who you know. If you know the right people, you get the right tenders, some members of the business community like to call it networking, I call it ass kissing. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that per se The problem occurs when tenders are awarded to contractors who clearly can’t do the job. People need to chill.


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  1. So right. No one bitches about the CEO giving his son a job. Yeah right, that was on merit.

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