So today is the big day where president elect, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma officially becomes the president of the republic. everything that needs to be said has been said about Zuma and I won’t add my two cents about it, maybe I’ll just ask one question: how difficult is it to kill some one’s political career? if certain members of the population are to be believe there was a deliberate attempt to stop Zuma from ascending to the highest seat in parliament, if that is true then the people who orchestrated that are some of the incompetent bunch of buffoons to ever walk the earth, giving enough resources, I could kill a person’s political career without even blinking. I kid, I kid.

Back to serious business, Sunday the cabinet will be announced, and the people that get to be afforded the responsibility of giving a better life for all have great mountains to climb, namely, our collapsing education system, rising unemployment rate, the economic crisis, poverty etc. People seem to be either excited or scared about Zuma’s presidency, some say it is the change we always needed even though things were relatively fine during the Mbeki reign and some say that Zuma’s presidency marks the country’s slow descent towards another Zimbabwe both are wrong in my opinion, I don’t think both of them are wrong in my opinion. I don’t think much is going to change in the era of Zuma but that is just my opinion, I guess only time will tell.


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  1. What are your thoughts about Zumas polygamous marriages? From what I read he has 3-4 wives; how do you feel about having 3-4 “first ladies?” How will that go over in the new South Africa?

  2. I feel that Zuma, along with every other South African has a right to practice their culture. Polygamy is not frowned upon in his culture Zulu. It is his choice after all and I respect it. With regards to his 3-4 wives (I also don’t know how many wives he has.lol)culturally only one, his first wife, has a right to be the first lady being the first wife, she gets preference over all the others.

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