About a year ago, while I was still busy looking for work I came across what I consider to be one of the best blog on the net. Australia’s new prime minister had just publicly apologized to the Aborigine(sic?) community about the country’s “stolen generation” and David, the blogger made a story about it. I remember making a stupid comment on his blog but from then on I was checking for the blog on a regular but wasn’t really a fan of until he made a post about Arthur, the Kwaito singer. Everybody knows I’m not really into kwaito so I made my voice heard that I thought Arthur and kwaito both sucked from then on I’ve been a die hard fan of the blog.

The blog I’m talking about is called undercover black man by TV writer David Mills(pictured above) who was responsible for TV dramas like NYPD Blue, Homicide: Life on the street, etc. I’m doing this post as an ode to him for having such a kickass blog. A week ago he announced that he was no longer gonna blog anymore and last Friday he made his last official blog, your blog will be missed from the iNTERNETS. If you haven’t visited his blog go there now and see for yourself how brilliant it is, you will not regret it. Anyhoo……… Mr. Mills; Good luck on your future endeavours I’m quite sure you’ll are moving on to bigger and better things, I hope Treme gets aired in South Africa.