This and that

I haven’t done a post in a while (The coke thingy doesn’t count, trust me), life has just been hectic. One post will not be enough to explain everything that has happened during the past two weeks so I’ll just give you guys a summary of what happened:
  • Someone I used to be in relationship (if that’s what puppy love is called nowadays) with four and a half years ago during my last year in high school (I can’t believe it has been that long) called me, talking about how she misses me and ish, I don’t know how she managed to get my number and I don’t know what made her “miss” me all of a sudden. We have spoke a couple of times, she’s hinted that she wants me back, unfortunately there’s no ways that’ll happen.
  • Speaking about high school class mates, these past two weeks I’ve met with many of my former classmates, it was nice to notice how most of them have managed to make a success of themselves regardless of the fact that we had the worst bunch of teachers this side of the equator. One of them is even doing a post graduate degree at wits business school, he’s planning on opening his own consultancy firm within the next five years and I don’t know what I want to do the next five months. I took their numbers and their mail addresses, I’ve been communicating with them on the regular.
  • I finally gave in and had a bottle or two of beer about a month ago, didn’t wanna mention it here ’cause I’ll give you guys the wrong impression about myself. Ever since then it has been downhill all the way or rather downbottle all the way.
  • I have less than twelve weeks to compile a portfolio about what I have been busy with at the plant(ation).The portfolio has to have a 50+ page report, numerous engineering drawing and other uninteresting stuff. So far I’ve managed to only write 10 pages of the report and I’m stuck. I have an idea about what I want to include in my report but because I’m a perfectionist, I usually delete most of what I’ve written because I find it sub-standard, plus I’m a procrastinator of note so I usually postpone writing the reports ending up with a ton of stuff I have to do in a short space of time. If there’s a lesson to be learned in this, it’s that procrastination+perfectionism= an efficient way to eff yourself over.
  • Speaking of the plant(ation), a sequence of events have made me realize that I have to make sure I get away from this place for the sake of my sanity. I’m going to step up my job search so that by the end of July, I won’t be tempted to sign that contract if they decide to renew it.

That’s about it…………..or yeah, before I forget: Do you guys think I should continue with the coke thingy? I’m sorta regretting agreeing to do it in the first place, I know it has increased traffic to my blog by up to 47% but still, it is not in line with this blog’s theme, me! let me know what you think.