Obligatory "intro" post

Allow me to introduce you guys to PoliTrick or Treat; a blog by Soweto’s number one blogger: AQUILOGY (feel free to prove me wrong). This is my outlet, a place where I’ll be discussing current affairs, music, arts, movies and stuff like that. I would love to explain what title means but I’m a lazy bum so I won’t bother, just kidding poliTrick= current affairs and Treat= Everything else (trick or treat, get it?). I wanted a place where I can air my views, views on anything and everything. Tried contributing to other people’s blogs but it wasn’t such a good idea (I’m still waiting for my posts to be published.pfft.) So I decided to do the next best thing, have my own bloody blog.

Anyhoo, I don’t want to take too long writing this so welcome everybody to PoliTrick or Treat. I’m confident that this will be the definition of a kickass blog. I encourage feedback so your comments are always welcome. Hope you will enjoy this blog.



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