The legendary beer belly

Isn’t it wonderful when you make a promise to yourself and everybody on the Internets, that you are going to do something about a certain problem you have, and a few months down the line the problem is bigger than it was when you made that promise? My readers might remember than on the first of January this year, I made a promise to get rid of something I’ve been carrying around for a better half of my short life, something I affectionately call my legendary beer belly (ironically my consumption of bucket loads of a perfect mixture of water,wheat, barley and hops had nothing to do with my tummy). Well the picture on the left was taken last year November and the legendary beer belly was still being kept in check and honestly speaking, I had nothing to worry about then ’cause it wasn’t really that big. I think the legendary beer belly somehow managed to find out that I was planning to finally get rid of it and it staged a protest.

I haven’t been overdosing on trans fat laden delicacies in the interim, so there really isn’t any reason why but the thing has grown even bigger. To be fair it’s not as if I have been doing 500 sit up per day and the belly just grew by itself, but still the thing is relentless.

The photo of the image on the left was taken a week or two ago and as you can see, it has gotten bigger, none of my trousers fit me anymore. Enough is enough, There’s no way I’m going to loose this fight. As I’ve said, I’ve joined a body building club (don’t laugh), I’ll be training with hardcore steroid popping boys, no matter how hard the beer belly offers resistance, no way in hell is it gonna win this fight. Its time me and my legendary beer belly go our separate ways


5 thoughts on “The legendary beer belly

  1. Yah!…I think its time…I was going to be all cute and supportive…lol but eish that beer belly young man needs to go. 1 sit up @ a time! Good luck!

  2. fight the good fight bro, its all in your head. you fat-A. ;} i am losing that battle right now, but summers here and im biking more and hiking more sooo hopefully i will sustain my 280 lbs and not break 300 till after my 30’s.cheers, as always.

  3. hmmm i’ve seen bigger, but we obviously dont want to to reach that level!”(ironically my consumption of bucket loads of a perfect mixture of water,wheat, barley and hops had nothing to do with my tummy)” well if its not alcohol or increased consumption of food, it might be diet!Did you know certain blood types cant handle certain foods, and handle others better? by just eating the right kind of food for your blood type, you can easily manage your weight, as your body will be working with you, not against you…google it up, 4got the diet name, but you should check it out!Bless

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