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  • I have stated how much I loathe waking up to go to the plant( ation) ad nauseum, people pretty much get the idea now. I know I said I won’t mention the plant( ation) ever again but please excuse me for mentioning the damn here, I feel like I have to mention it one last time. This morning when I realized it was the 15th it hit me that I only have exactly three and a half months ’till my contract expires and exactly two and half months ’till I have to submit my report to the examination department. The thought gave me goosebumps, “I’ll be finally free from the darn place” and almost a second later another thought crossed my mind. What if the masters decide to renew my contract and it so happens that I haven’t found new masters to slave for?, faced with that decision will I let myself work at a place I have hated since day one so that I can get paid and wait ’til I found another company? or would I, for once, take my emotions into consideration and choose happiness over a regular salary? Chances are I would be logical about it and choose happiness but when it comes to me, you can never know.



  • Am I the only one who thinks it’s not a big deal to be single for more than two years? I have been single and happy for two years and four months now and in the interim, I think my friends have tried to fix me up with someone more than ten times already. No, seriously, them bastards are relentless. Their latest stunt is the worst though, they told someone that I have the hearts for them, got her hopes all high and when i broke the news to her that she’s just one of the people they are trying to fix me up with, she was devastated( not really devastated but you get the idea). I have repeatedly told them to quit, There are certain things about me that I have to change before I can attempt be in a relationship. I don’t know how long that’ll take but ’til then, they just have to chill and mind their own business.mnnx.
  • A colleague of mine got injured yesterday at the plant( ation), he was working on a machine when somebody accidentally turned it on. His arm got caught up in between the rollers and it broke, it was bad. I wish him well.
  • My PC died on me on Saturday, this was the sixth time it died since i bought it late 2006. It only worked for four months and it was downhill after that. Moral of the story, screw proudly S-African, don’t buy a Sahara computer! Pity i can’t afford to buy a new one.mnnx.
  • I just found out there’s a gym very close to where I’m currently staying and it costs R45 per month. That’s almost free! I’m going to join soon cause my beer belly has grown even bigger this year.
  • For the past two weeks I have been checking the winners of the South African blog awards and after browsing through them I can honestly say that I’m just not that much into south-African blogs. maybe it’s because I’m not from Cape Town.HA!



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  1. I just had a look at a few…SA rocks is a great site, I must say.I was really surprised Ndumiso Ncobo’s thoughtleader blog didn’t rank anywhere in the “Most humorous blog” category. I think his blog is one of the most hysterical things on the internet.

  2. Heita, I am overwhelmed by your display of maturity regarding relationships. As for your plantation situation, my wife recently quit her unhappy job and it’s the best thing she has done for her own sanity; to do otherwise is to truly be a slave.

  3. @Laura speaking of Dumisani, I’m thinking about buying ‘Some of my best friends are white’ would you recommend it?@Your wife is a very brave person

  4. My mom got “Some of my best friends are white” for me Christmas before last (what a surprise!)It is one of the funniest things I have ever read.But don’t read the marmite chapter! (I always have to add that disclaimer when I lend the book to people!)

  5. ya, makes sense to get yourself together before a relationship, i think the person you are determines the person you will atract you know?

  6. Theres nothing wrong with being single for 2+ years, especially if you know you have things to work on. No one wants to (willingly) enter an unsuccessful relationship, heh.L

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