He’s free!!!!

I was in my first year at UJ, during the now infamous rape trial. they were supposed to announce the verdict and since my campus is like a walking distance from the High court I decided to bunk lecturers to see the atmosphere there. It was packed, everybody was waiting to hear the verdict and when it was finally announced that Zuma was found not guilty the house was literally brought down. Everybody was celebrating, random people were giving each other hugs, it was unbelievable. I’m wondering if people at Durban are doing the same thing as we speak ’cause, all charges against him have been dropped. I was amused today by the reaction of bloggers I follow on twitter. They were pissed, it was as if Zuma killed their kittens or something. A colleague asked me how I felt about the whole thing and i told him I feel nothing! I don’t know why but i really wouldn’t have given a flying eff if the decision had gone either way. This circus has gone on for so long that I wouldn’t be bothered with it (I’m a terrible person, ain’t I) I posed a question to the colleague and I didn’t get a satisfactory answer so I was hoping the people in bloggerland who are experts at these sort of things to answer this: Does it really matter that the charges got dropped? I mean, Zuma’s name has already been shitted on, dropping the charges won’t change people’s views about him; those who were his Stans will still feel that this was just a political conspiracy and those who were his haters will still feel like he’s running away from the law (My bad for using hip hop terminology even though most of my readers aren’t into hip hop) what exactly does this change? Another thing; when the opposition do decide to challenge this decision, what exactly is gonna happen? enlighten me my beautiful people ’cause i wanna know. In the meantime enjoy the video of the song popularized by Msholozi himself ‘Umshini wami’ embedded below.


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  1. Aquilogy I am impressed by your independent spirit; you will scale the great heights yet hiphop notwhithstanding. I now feel obliged to write on this saga.

  2. I thin with African politics/justice people are generally jaded…they do not trust any result because how can you be sure its a fair result. Someone once told me that the law works opposite in our homeland…if they find you guilty you probably didn’t do it and if they find you innocent your probably as guilty as sin. As for hip hop to describe the situation please I’m sure rappers like Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique, beanie siegel(sp)would have some apt references or lyrical stanza’s to describe the theater of mind that is “politricks” in Africa

  3. I’m quite glad that it came out clearly that the scorpions were dodgy. I felt quite vindicated, because I have been saying they are dodgy and people usually think I am nuts.But I don’t really understand why they dropped the case. The NPA dude even said that the prosecutors said they should go ahead with the case. So the case wasn’t dropped for lack of evidence… it was just dropped because the NPA were dubious/corrupt/useless.So it just feels like we have been conned. If Zuma is innocent, he must go to court and they must fail to convict him. If he is guilty, he must go to court and be found guilty. This seems like just more political maneuvering.

  4. @Moremogolo Looking forward to your post@K I think that applies everywhere, if you can afford a good lawyer you can get away with murder. And if you can’t the state supplies you with an underexperienced, overworked lawyer who would convince you to take a plea.@Laura What Helen Zille said yesterday was quiet on point, I hate agreeing with her ’cause she annoys me but she was right when she said the NPA is giving an impression that they were being manupilated by the previous Mbeki regime and now they are being manupilated by the Zuma camp.

  5. Anarchy is the way to go, all what these rulers are interested in is to line their pockets. I will gladly oblige and pen my thoughts on these shenanigans

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