New beginnings?

The past is like shadows, no matter how quick we try to run from it, it will keep following us“. That’s a very cheesy proverb but it is very true; like shadows the past will always be there to remind us of the things we did back then but nobody really pays attention to their shadows now do they? You know your shadow is always there right you behind but you don’t stress about it, don’t worry how people will react to seeing your shadow because they have shadows of their own. I should get to the point before I sound even more stoned, my point is everything that has happened recently ( from Aug 2008 til now) will be forgotten. Things have a way of sorting themselves out and I’m starting to think the universe has taken a break from its ongoing battle with AQUILOGY; I have found a new place to stay for the remainder of my stay at the plant( ation), my boss and I have come to an unusual understanding( more on that later), and I’m being kept busy by being given quite difficult assignments all is well for now.

I’ll be moving out of Jenny’s house sometime this week and regardless of the crazy stuff that has happened, I wish her and her little angel well. I hope they get through the hard times and I wish the young one grows up to make his mommy proud. I wish she would sort out the issues she has with her ex-husband so that he can be able to see his kid, ’cause a child needs both its parents. I hope the ex-husband gets over his ego and starts being involved in the little one’s life. I just wish them all the best but I gotta move on and start over somewhere. Hope my stay is pleasant over there.

About my new gig, I’ll be staying with an old lady at Kwa-Thema township and her two pretty, and I mean pretty daughters. Whoa is the best way to describe She’s very strict I must say, kinda reminds me of how my mother was when I was young before I reached puberty and started my BS ’til she gave up on me, but I managed to make her proud again by picking myself up and sorting out my life. I still haven’t started packing, crap my room is such a mess that I wouldn’t know where to start.

Aside: I have hinted that I might have somewhat of a mood disorder, I’m starting to believe that might be true. A week ago, Monday, I was at a very low point emotionally and Tuesday I woke feeling like I had just won a million pounds I had so much energy, was feeling very upbeat, I was all over the place and I managed to finish a report that I thought was impossible to finish before Thursday. I’m loving it, just hope I keep feeling like this forever but knowing how much my moods fluctuate, I’ll probably down again pretty soon but what can I do? Hope all is well with everybody! y’all have been pretty


6 thoughts on “New beginnings?

  1. dude; sick! you got good karma mate, movin in wit two lucky ladies! i’m glad things are lookin brighter bro, keep up the good scribblin.peaceps 6 followers now; you gettin popular mayn!

  2. ^^^LOL at the comment about 6 followers. The ladies are actually way older than I am so it really doesn’t matter but life is treating me well for now thanks

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