The obligatory fukitol post

One of my favourite albums of 2008 was titled “When life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold” and it was by an emo rap group called Atmosphere.

It’s a concept album about various people down on their luck, the lyrics were genuinely touching and the production went well with the theme but that’s not what this post is about. I wouldn’t consider myself down on my luck like the characters portrayed in this album by rapper slug but I am going through my own watered down versions of shitty situations. I’ve decided to take 1000mg of fukitol and not care about the petty things that are robbing me of my happiness and this is why:


  • Concerning the situation that is going on at my place of residence, I just realized that my landlady has some issues and the only person he can take out her frustration on is me. I realized this yesterday after she decided to finally come out of the room she locks herself in and lecture me about respect saying that I don’t treat her with the dignity and respect she deserves and that just because I’m looking for another place to stay I don’t have to treat her like dirt! she continued to bring up petty things that I do that supposedly shows that I don’t respect her. I wanted to ask her if she was being respectful by doing the crazy things she’s been doing for the past week but then I realized that she still mad about her divorce, her husband who hasn’t seen their son since the divorce and the R18000 debt she has because of her husband. I just happen to be the only person in the house and she might be doing all this shit to me to “let of some steam”, I won’t bother myself getting worked up over something that isn’t my fault and that I have little or no control over. I’m just going to avoid any contact with her ’till I get another place.
  • Concerning the situation at factory, the place I’ve termed the plant( ation) because of master slave relationships that exists over there and because most of the people there are being exploited. I realized that the people I work with are just racist bastards who are so insecure about themselves and their abilities that they would be intimidated by a young black man like yours truly. They are probably scared that I might take their jobs( as if I would want to be a foreman.pfft.) and their trying by all means to make life hell for me. I cannot really control how bigoted people think so why bother. I’m just going to do my own thing from now and concentrate on cooking up reports to send to the examination department the end of June, Fuck it! I’m done wasting my precious time being worked up by those people, they are not worth it.

Now that I got that off my chest, it’s back to our regular programming



3 thoughts on “The obligatory fukitol post

  1. hey whats up brother aquilogy? long time, sorry mayn. i’m sorry your in a rut right now bro, i know how you feel because i believe i am coming out of a 3 year rut of self-loathing and searching for what was always there in the first place. its easy to say but another thing to come to terms with the fact that you are in control of your situation and PERSPECTIVE. in my opinion lifes pourpose is HAPPINESS. happiness IS perspective. i bet if you looked around, there are people in much worse scenerios than yourself, think of the things you are fortunate in and appreciate them. this is only what has been working for me lately and just some freindly words to hopefully help you in your situation. namaste and cheers freindB_O_P

  2. I appreciate your words of wisdom. I’ll try appreciate the things around them^^Another reason why people shouldn’t check out their blogs at work whilst looking over their shoulder that nobody’s noticing. I meant, I’ll try appreciating things around me

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