What am I still doing at the plant( ation)?

[ Note: This is absolutely the last time that I word utter a single word about the plant( ation), I’m serious this time, I would never ever complain about work here ever again.]
I’m really disappointed in myself for not having the guts to quit my job and look for a company that cares for it’s workers( even if that type of company is rare to find). I can’t believe how much of a disadvantage I have placed myself in by deciding to stay at the plant( ation) so that I wouldn’t go back to being broke. I really should have left at the beginning of this year when it was apparent that the people responsible for my training have no idea of what they are doing. I should have left when it became apparent that no matter how hard they try to disguise it, most of the people at the plant( ation) aren’t qualified to do their jobs and the only reason they got those position is because they were( without offending anybody) white during the time blacks were oppressed and after 1994 they stayed in those position and as a result, whenever a BLACK person who happens to be educated pops in, they get threatened and try by all means to make his life miserable at the plant( ation)( it’s unfortunate that their efforts to get rid of educated blacks work). It’s not a coincidence that in the past two years three black students didn’t last more than two months at the plant( ation) and that I, having stayed there for 8 months now, am the longest serving student. Race issues aside, I really hate it there and have hated it since day one. I cannot believe that the only reason I stayed there was because they paid me, what’s worse is that the bribe they pay is not enough to last me the whole month.

I checked out a while ago and as a result my spirit is so low when get to work that I go through my day half dead. The reason I was hired was that I could learn but the fact that I checked out a long ass time ago, my mind is not in it. I have only four months left of torture to bear but I don’t think I’ll learn much not because there’s nothing to learn but because I hate every minute of being here that having my brain process the information I come across would be near impossible. Not learning would mean that I’ve wasted a year that I will never get back, yesterday I felt as though I had chosen the wrong career path, I had to remind myself that even though I don’t have passion for Mechanical Engineering, I still have goose bumps whenever I read about steam generation, control and distribution. I can’t quit now, doing so would push affect my graduation date. I guess I’ll have to suck it up for the next four months. If there anything to learn from this, it’s that procrastination will take you somewhere, just don’t expect to like the destination.


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  1. “I still have goose bumps whenever I read about steam generation, control and distribution.”:DIt must be a rare person that gets goose bumps from steam generation!You know what, it has sucked, but you have stuck it out. And soon it will be over and you can ditch it and then… upwards and onwards πŸ™‚

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