200 posts and running……

Don’t ask me how but I’ve somehow managed to write 200 posts about nothing and get away with it. Yeah, this is my 200th post. 199 posts ago, I decided to create a little blog where I can write thoughtful, insightful and deep posts about myself and my surroundind. Clearly I lost the plot along the way but hey who’s complaining. I wouldn’t have managed to write 200 posts if my Bastard Theory of Machines lecturer didn’t fail my ass so you have Mr Johan Zietsman to thank for this little blog of mine, I was really bored last year first seemester that I ended up spending

most of my time in front of the computer at the campus computer lab reading blogs, illegally downloading music, and writing. Since most of friends had dropped out or found a training position somewhere, I ended up having too much time on my hands doing two subjects and all. I could have used my free time doing something beneficial like being a better person, improving my people’s skills but I chose the anti social-path and look where that got me.lol. To celebrate this feat, I’ve embedded an ignorant rap video about popping champagne. here’s to 200 more* pops Imaginery champagne*