Turns out I also have a paranoia problem as well

My bad if you read yesterday’s post and came to the conclusion that my head is more screwed up that you previously thought. I can be very paranoid at times, my boss asks to see me first thing in the morning and I automatically think I’m in trouble( although to my defence, he looked pissed when he asked to see me), I guess I’ve been in trouble so many times that chances are when boss-man wants to see me it usually means I’ve pissed an artisan off and he went to the foreman to complain and the foreman went to my boss, the Engineering manager to make up shit like how difficult I am to work with even though I don’t work directly with them( you gotta love plant( ation) politics) but I seriously need to chill and stop panicking every damn time boss-man wants to see me. Okay here’s the story: my boss wanted to see me early in the morning just to check if I’m not spending the whole day drinking cheap instant cappuccino learning and if everything is going well, obviously being the coward that I am.lol. I lied and told him that everything is going fine( I surprise myself too) which isn’t but it’s not as bad as it was, he gave me a task to do to keep busy and it has to do with hydraulics tippers, he then proceeded to give me a long lecture about how my training is my responsibility and if I don’t learn anything the remaining four months I’ll have myself to blame( which is true but the hard headed fool in me refuses to believe that statement) told me that I have until Friday do finish the said task. I was relieved ’cause it turns out I wasn’t knee deep in manure but I felt stupid for assuming I was in the first place.

Yeah….. and another thing, I’m one of those anti social fools who walk around with their earphones on all the time, oblivious of their surrounding environment. You know, that type of annoying person who doesn’t realize that they are singing along to whatever their listening to until they open their eyes to a sight of people looking at them like they are retarded( I apologize for my use of the politically incorrect term). I’m unashamedly one of those but the problem I have has nothing to do with the fact that I’m slowly turning myself into a deaf person or that I’m making a fool of myself in front of everybody by singing, My problem is with the fact that my earphones don’t last more than three months. My earphones cost more than my MP3 player but I have replaced more often than I can remember and strangely enough my cheap Sahara MP3 player which I bought for R150 in 2007 has managed to survive being dropped from my pocket on a weekly basis while attempting to do my Saturday morning jog( I always fail miserably at it). Does anyone have an idea about what I might be doing to screw up my earphones? If you do please share, I can’t afford to buy a new set.