I might have a problem with authority

No seriously, I think I do. I haven’t gotten along with anybody whose above me and it baffles me. I didn’t consider this until today when I sensed that I might be in trouble with my new boss( What a surprise) He met me while I was clocking out, looked at me, shook his head and told me that he wants to see me first thing tommorow morning. We all know that means I’m knee deep in shit, I’ve been in trouble a lot this year and it’s only March. I always thought it was everybody who was wrong but I’m considering the possibilty that I might be at fault most of the times. I might…….no I have a problem with authority, for as long as i can remember I have always been in conflict with everybody in authority, in primary I had a problem with the school principal, every week the bloody bastard used to give me lashing, then in high school I had a problem with most of my teachers, one ended up hating me so bad that he said he hates the fact that I don’t fail his tests in front of the whole class. two years ago I had problem with my theory of machines lecturer, the one who might have deliberately failed me.

Honestly, I’m tired of always being in trouble, I’ve been in trouble with almost everybody. Having to defend yourself constantly is taxing on one’s soul and what’s worse is that I now have a reputation, nobody at the plant( ation) would want to work with me now( which is something I don’t mind seeing that I’m not planning to stay there for long), I know I said I won’t talk about work anymore but I had to get that off my chest


One thought on “I might have a problem with authority

  1. You are not alone. And it is taxing to one's soul. I have found out I that it's difficult for me to have a supervisor who is incompetent. It is aggravating to me to pretend. My problem is my face shows what I'm thinking. But I really appreciate your post. The truth for me is I need to work for myself and I'm working on it.

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