My landlady sucks now

I take back everything I said about my landlady, she sucks. Period. I can’t stand people who are greedy for money. People who would do anything for something as fickle as a piece of paper with numbers in them, regardless of how their actions affect everybody around them and that’s the type of person my landlady is. I’ve always knew this from the way she was treating her outside tenants but I didn’t care ’cause it didn’t affect me personally but know that all the tenants got pissed and left she wants to milk me for all I’ve got. I’ve been living there since September last year, The company i work for payed for my accommodation for only a month and after that I was on my own. I moved in there ’cause her ex-husband was a friend of a friend of my mother, I didn’t like living with them, I was planning on moving out but y’all know ’cause I’m a procrastinator of note so I didn’t. Our understanding we had was that the money I payed for rent included the water and electricity that’s why it was a little bit higher than normal and i understood that. Then last month after her husband left her for some new meat without leaving her any money she asked us to share the water and lights bill until she got back on her feet( me her and the two outside tenants), I felt sorry for her so i agreed.

Now she’s back on her feet, her business is doing fairly well and the court has ordered her ex-husband to pay her alimony and she wants me to share the bill with her!( the R798.50 bill to be shared between the two of us now that the outside tenants have left) That’s Bullshit, On weekend I’m not there, I don’t cook, she cooks 3 times a day and I have to pay half of the electricity I don’t use? that’s unfair. What’s even more worse is that she didn’t even have the decency to tell me this face to face she left a note on the door knowing very well that I leave for Soweto on fridays and i wouldn’t be able to confront her. I hate conflict, I really don’t wanna argue with her I’m going to pay her half of the rent since i’m leaving mid-March, half of the bill and leave her the fuck alone. I don’t know I’ll be able to live with her after this. I’ll just have to deal with her for another 15 days.