Nothing to say

Nothing interesting has happened since my last post, almost everything is the same. The plant( ation) still sucks, my social life is still non-existent and I still don’t like living in Springs. The clever thing would be to not post when I have nothing to say but apparently I lack common( at least that’s what my colleagues keep telling me) plus I feel uncomfortable with publishing less than ten posts in a month so I’m going to mumble for the next paragraph or two( I apologize in advance). What can I talk about today? oh yeah, the house that I live in has been sold and the new owner are expected to move in in April so I’m going to have to move out( something i should have done last year when my food started to disappear but I procrastinate like it’s going out of style) all the places that are available right now are way above my means so it looks like I’m going to have to move to the townships which is something I’m not looking forward to. It’s not moving to the townships( I lived all my life in a township) that I’m not looking forward to, it’s moving to a township outside the greater Jo’burg area. The previous regime made sure blacks lived in the most inconvenient places, this is even more apparent when you visit townships outside the Johannesburg area.

I’ve had it easy these past seven months, I’ve used someone else’s fridge, stove etc I got too comfortable, I forgot that nothing lasts forever and instead of buying stuff I need I’ve spend all my money on women and booze( kidding) but I should have bought essential stuff. I guess I didn’t expect the people I live with to divorce after 7 months of marriage. I now find myself having to buy lots of stuff at the same time which is proving to be costly, yesterday I bought myself a bar fridge it looked on display but when it was delivered it looked terrible. It had no back plate to cover the compressor, the adjusting foot is missing and it makes a hissing noise. I thought of returning it but I desperately need a fridge at the moment.

That’s about it!