The myth and legend of AQUILOGY

I don’t know if this happens to other people besides myself but do you find that people tend to have assumptions about you without getting to know you first? This has been happening to me ever since way back and I’m not sure what to make of it. Most people will make assumption about me the first time they meet me and their assumptions about me always stick in their mind no matter how hard I try to convince them that their assumptions are incorrect( 99% of the time people have incorrect assumptions about me). For instance, during my first year when I was still thin and idealistic, most of my friends thought I was a……what’s the word, ah yes a “Mr Goody two shoes” This assumption came from the fact that I wasn’t prepared to bunk lectures, spend most of my time going to parties etc. Everybody thought I was a bookworm who spent all of his time studying. That was incorrect ’cause I did spend a lot of my time partying, I just didn’t party in college, I partied at home in Soweto. I let them believe that about me as a means to protect myself, because they thought I was boring, they didn’t bother inviting me to their parties, and I didn’t have to say no to them so it all worked out in the end.

Now here at work the same thing is happening. During my first two months everybody thought I was a womanizer ’cause I’m decent looking but the truth is I’m too lazy to be in a relationship with more than person at a time and I really don’t think it’s worth the trouble, a colleague of mine is married and has three mistresses, he always complains to me about how hard it is to keep them from knowing about each other and how he hardly sees any of his money ’cause all of it goes to his four lovers, I really like the fact that he expects me to feel sorry for him.pfft. Another assumption has to do with my drinking, I usually joke about my drinking on Facebook and here on this blog. I joke about a lot of stuff and I don’t except people to take it seriously but for some odd reason people believe that I’m a drunkard. This pisses me off ’cause I pride myself for being able to drink responsibly for almost four years, the last time I got drunk was winter of 2005, I’ve been responsible enough to know my limit and stick to it ever since then. When people start spreading the “myth” that I’m a drunk I get angry.

I happen to be born and bred in the world’s most famous township, Soweto. Everybody now expects me to be the version of what the think a Sowetan to be like. I didn’t know being from Soweto afforded one the status of being cool in the eyes of everybody outside the greater Johannesburg area but apparently it does. I dread coming to work because everybody asks me what I did during the weekend and when I say nothing or that I spend the whole day on the internet doing research and reading blogs I get looked at as though I have just commited a mortal sin. Everybody gets surprised that I’m not friends with any thugs, I haven’t been inside a stolen car and I haven’t robbed anyone in my life( apparently that’s what makes a Sowetan). I’m not what everybody thinks I am, I hate it when assumptions are made about me by people who don’t know me at personal level. The myth and legend of AQUILOGY is not real.


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  1. LolWell… I didn’t think think you were a thug. Or a drunkard.The other day I was talking to some friends about something or other (can’t remember the context) and I said I know a guy who crashes weddings with his friends. So they asked me who and I was like “this guy from the internet…”Anyway, it was quite funny, I’m sure they thought that was pretty weird.

  2. Oh I just remembered – the other day I was chatting to a guy at a party thing. And during the course of the conversation he told me several times that he was from Alexandria. Which I couldn’t figure out. Is it cool to be from Alexandria???

  3. i feel the same way about myself, but on the otherhand, i wonder what i would assume about myself if i was somebody else?

  4. @Laura I don’t know if it’s cool to be from Alex but the place used to be rough back in the days but there’s an urban renewal project going on there. Here’s a link to the project: link@Sidrah I agree with you totally@Bop Bro what happened to you? you just disappeared without any notice

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