[Note: I usually do the ‘random stuff on my mind posts’ once every two months but since I have blogger’s block I can’t help myself]
  • Since I moved to Springs, I have managed to alienate almost everyone I know. I have been so caught up with the stuff that going on with my career( or lack there of) that I haven’t kept my relationships healthy. My new phone made me realize just how much I have alienated everyone, My old one broke a while back and ever since I bought my new one, I have received three calls, that’s three calls in three weeks. I haven’t kept in contact with most of my peoples in Soweto, when I go there over the weekend, I just sleep and I don’t bother to check how everyone is doing plus I haven’t forged any friendships here in Springs( mainly because i work all day during the week and on weekend I go to Soweto), I feel alone. I also noticed that, because of the stress at work( ironically from from doing nothing for almost 10 hours) I take out my frustration on everyone close to me. Life really sucks right now and I’m starting to find solace in my brandy bottle, this worries me ’cause I don’t want to become one of those housewifes you see on TV who can’t function without a glass of wine but I’ll rise above this and get my shit straight.
  • I can’t stand someone who steals my food( that might be the reason I have an ever expanding waistline), I can’t stand someone who doesn’t respect the fact that my food is mine and mine alone. I don’t mind when someone steals essentials like maybe a cup of rice ’cause she’s going through a divorce and her dead beat husband doesn’t have the decency to send her and their son some money to buy food but when you start stealing non-essential like chips, dips, cookies etc I start to get annoyed. I understand the situation that my housemate is going through but that doesn’t give her the right to eat my chips without my permission, that’s disrespectful.
  • A friend of mine who works for a manufacturing company has just informed me that the company he works for giving away( gic?) scholarship, I don’t have enough money to pay for tuition so that I can get my degree so I’m tempted to apply. The only doubt I have about applying is that it’s a manufacturing company and I’m not really that much into manufacturing. I know it’s one of the best performing sectors in this current economic climate and unlike the mining sector, they are rentreching people like it’s going out of style but still I wanna work in an energy or processing environment, I wanna deal with pipe networks, steam generation, distribution and control. Somewhere interesting where I won’t be bored sitting in front of the computer doing maintenance planning but since I don’t have the luxury to pick and choose, chance are I’m going to apply for it*sigh*
  • I’ve been requested by a reader of that race heavy controversial blog I used to have to resurrect the blog or at least cover the same things I used to cover there here. I don’t know, I’m not sure if I still have the power to deal with the nut-jobs I used to attract when I was still updating that blog but well see.
  • And speaking of race, today at work there was a racial incident. One of those bloody artisans had the nerve to call a fellow worker a baboon( Can’t these bloody racists come up with better slurs that the cliched baboon.lol.). The victim has filed a complaint with management but I’ve been there long enough to know that the masters won’t do sh*t about it, it is a plant( ation) after all.
  • Whenever a blogger doesn’t update their blog I start thinking that their dead, I really hope that isn’t the case with fellow blogger BOP