Last Emperor- Gangster groove

I hadn’t checked out my webmail account in a while I didn’t know what to expect really ’cause the last time I checked it was about the time that Racist blogger was stalking me and threatening to send his contacts in Springs to come “deal with me”( ignorance is Anyway you can imagine how psyched I was when i got an e-mail from a someone informing me that one of the my favourite artist, The last Emperor, has a new track out which is taken from a mixtape to be released in two weeks’ time. I cannot describe how much I appreciate last emperor’s music; ‘Music, Magic, myth’ was incredible and news that it’s follow up was 90% finished made my day( I can’t wait)
I listened to the track yesterday and I thought it was great, good to see that he still has it in him.
For those interested, you can download the track here: [ Last emperor-“Gangster groove” D/L]

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