An invisible man, pulling off disappearing acts

I have a new pet hate, call it pet hate #55526 if you will but I’m starting to hate having nothing to do, It’s driving me crazy. I especially hate the fact that I’m being paid for it. I’ve been waiting for my masters to decide which part of the plant( ation) they want me to slave at for about a month now, I don’t know if they are deliberately trying to drive me nuts or if they are too busy doing whipping to be bothered about with my training( If that’s what they call what I’m doing there). Doing nothing for nine and a half hours is the most frustrating I have ever done, I’ve tried flipping the situation to my advantage by telling myself that I’ll learn more if I have no specific tasks but I’m starting to get tired of walking aimlessly around the plant( ation). What’s more strange is that nobody seems to understand my frustration; my friends, who are getting better exposure at other companies, are telling to stop complaining ’cause I’m lucky, they would do anything to get paid to do nothing. My colleagues and family also tell me that I should be thankful that the universe has dealt me a good hand and my new boss( who rocks by the way) tells me that I am fortunate to not have any specific tasks ’cause I’ll get a chance to learn more things this way. Am I being my usual self by complaining about this? Have I got it good?

I don’t think I have a good and I think I have something to complain about. Nobody likes to feel invisible and that’s what I feel like I am at the Plant( ation), Last month I was absent for two days and I came late on two consecutive days( I had things to sort out at the faculty so I didn’t tell anyone I won’t come to work, I was pissed off at my former boss) and nobody noticed I was gone, nobody bothered to check my time chart to see if was at work or not! Nobody cares about me here, they only pretend to give a damn when they have to send a progress report to the seta that’s sponsoring my ‘training”. They’ve actually told me that they don’t but I was too angry to notice that they really don’t. By the end of June I have to submit a +140 page long report for evaluation at the faculty, I was supposed to have started drafting it a month ago! I can’t start writing it ’cause I haven’t done anything. I have to keep myself busy or else I’ll go crazy. I know I said I’m not going to blog about work anymore but i just couldn’t help it.


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