It’s been a week since I wrote anything, that was the longest I’ve gone without posting anything* pops champagne*. I haven’t done anything in the interim, things are still the way they were since last week( If not worse). My search for another company has proved to be futile and the lady that I’m living with doesn’t want to move out. I feel stuck and powerless to break free, I’ve tried everything in my power to get the hell out here and everything has failed. Out of about ten companies I’ve sent my CV to only three had the decency to reply: two rejected my application and one told me that they don’t pay their interns, I know I’m desperate to leave the plant(ation) but I’m not prepared to go back to being broke all the time again. It seems that the masters over at the plant( ation) don’t know what to do with me, two weeks ago they wanted me to work in the refrigerated department but the refrigeration foreman had issues with the fact that, with my limited education, I’m still way more qualified than he is so he told my boss that I’m stubborn and he doesn’t wanna be seen near me and as a results my boss transferred me to the electrical department which is crap ’cause 1) Hardly anything ever happens there and if the reason I’m at the plant(ation) is that i could learn, then how am I gonna learn anything if I stand around doing noting? 2) By actually agreeing to take me out of the refrigeration department he is in effect telling everybody, including the numerous old white artisans at the plant who are resentful at the fact that a young black man like myself will be an Engineer in the near future, that it’s okay to refuse to work with me.

Being at the plant( ation) is really taking it’s toll on me, If it weren’t for the journal that I’ve recently purchased i would have gone berserk by I can’t believe no one bothered to tell me that writing your thoughts on an A5 sized little book could actually keep a person going over the edge. If I had known this when I was still in high school, I wouldn’t have done the things that I did back then.

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  1. If you told yourself that no job is beneath you, you will be able to deal with the grief they give you all the times. You will learn something even on those assignments you regard as useless. I know it is easier said than done but don’t let them run you down, and a journal is a damn good idea.

  2. My contract with them ends on the 30th of July this year.It’s not an internship, it’s called “experiential-learning”, University of technology students have to work for a year to get their qualification and that’s what I’m basically doing at the moment.

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