Recent developments and some emo stuff

I feel bad about what I said about my house mates last Monday, I shouldn’t have said anything until I found out the whole story. I was angry when my housemates told me that they were leaving, I was kinda pissed off that they didn’t tell me earlier but now I know why they are leaving. I might have mentioned this before but I stay with two newly weds( not really new, they’ve been married for a year) who just had a new born. The husband runs a construction company and the wife left her job so she could take care of the baby( who’s about 6 months old now), last October the Husband got a project in Pretoria and as a result he’s been staying there coming home on weekend, well four weeks ago the wife found out that the husband has been cheating on her and he got another lady pregnant. The wife has filed for divorce and she’s selling the house, the husband is not S-African and he owes the wife about R18000( he took out a loan in her name) The wife is planning on starting afresh. Another reason they’ve been eating my food was that while the husband was away, he didn’t leave any money for his wife and son, they either had to chow my food or starve. I found out about all this yesterday, she was in tears when she told me the whole story, when I asked her why she didn’t tell me earlier she said she didn’t think i would understand( being young and all.pfft). I feel bad for all the things I said last Monday, I wish her all the best and hope the child is still too young to be affected by the whole ordeal.

My best friend left yesterday, he found job in Bloemfontein. We’ve been friends since I was five years old and I don’t know how things are gonna be without him around. I’m gonna miss him…………….I won’t say anything further on the subject ’cause I’m a guy and guys are emotionless bastards( don’t act like you didn’t know)


9 thoughts on “Recent developments and some emo stuff

  1. BRUTAL. men are fuckin pukes…and not…and women are too for that matter…and not…life man, temptation and desire, its the best and the worst stuff of life…what a trip this crazy ride is huh?keep it real

  2. That son of a mother is giving us a bad name. He is giving our brothers further north from us a bad name, especially with this xenophobic tendencies in this country of ours

  3. oh, this is sad. men are a rather difficult species, methinks.this is sidrah from twitter btw, hope to be visiting your blog more often 🙂

  4. @Laura: Yeah, I am looking for a new flat@ Sidrah: hey welcome to my little spot. Why haven’t you put any of your blogs in your twitter profile?

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