I miss riding trains in soweto

I was bonafide train commuter, I used to have a love-hate relationship with trains, I would have rather been using other means of travelling but I enjoyed riding trains nonetheless. In the mornings I hated riding in trains because every single day the “grown-ups” would preach to us youngins, telling us how bad today’s generation is compared to theirs( which is true but still…..) how today’s have no respect for their elders and for authority. In the afternoon the trains filled with annoying high school kids who used to talk about their sex life each and everyday, I remember one day two kids were kissing and touching each other but this old lady was staring at them, trying to give them that look your mother gives you when you did something wrong but it seemed that today’s kids are immune to the look ’cause the girl stared back and said ” look we are making that old lady reminisce about the good ‘ol days” anywho one thing I enjoyed about train commuting was watching train surfers; everyday this kids who are coming back from school would do the most ridiculous and extremely dangerous stunts on the train, it was amazing. The only bad thing about it was seeing people get injured or die after they fall from a moving train or they are electrocuted ( I’ve seen enough “accidents” to last me a lifetime). I know train surfing has all but disappeared because the media pressured metrorail to counter the phenomenon but still I miss my hometown, I miss the trains, I miss Soweto.

I’ve attempted to embed two videos featuring Soweto train surfers; one is a sky news special done two years ago( The commentary by the British Anchor somehow made me laugh). The other is a low quality vid captured by a some douch bag.enjoy……..


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  1. thats a trip man, crazy shit. i liked that story about the old lady and the teenagers alot, made me stop and think.

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