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For some odd reason I din’t want people who know me personally to read my blog, most of my friends knew I had a blog but whenever they asked for my blogs’ url I would refuse to it to them. Then in November I said “eff it, they already know I’m sick in head” and I started exporting my posts to facebook and as a result most of the people who wanted to read my thoughts got to do that. So after posting my last emo post about how crappy things are at work a friend an e-mail with “career advise” as a subject. She went on about how good my blog is and how she enjoys reading my thought since I’m that good at expressing myself verbally but then she warned me that this blog doesn’t paint a very good picture of me and might affect me at a later stage in my life ’cause nowadays employers look at one’s on-line persona do determine if they hire a person or not. I heard about that sometime ago but that didn’t worry me at all.

I don’t know about other bloggers but when I write my aim is to express myself, say what’s on my mind at the time. When I’m writing I don’t think about anything else except what’s on my mind at the time, if I feel like saying fuck my boss, I’m going to write it and not think twice about it. If this somehow is reducing my chances of finding employment then so be it, I wouldn’t want to work for a company that would read something as fickle as a blog to determine if I’m suitable for a position anyway.


2 thoughts on “I write what I like

  1. From my observation online, most bloggers start of just wanting a space to grow into, somwhere to think aloud, and yell and just freedom to be themselves without excuses , or explaination.Eventually you realise your identity is part of you and that leaks in. The thing i love about you blog…is that it’s real.In south Africa, the blogging scene is dominated by ppl in cape town, this is on a professional and personal levels. The information you leak onto the public timeline shouldn’t be too career detrimental, but when it comes to avenues like facebook, u find that griping about work can become nasty if your colleagues are on your friends list.If all else fails you can quote Eric Cartman: ‘Screw you, i’m going home’

  2. ^^^Thanks for the input, i didn’t look at it that way……..oh well I guess i should stop writing: “Bastard boss just pissed me off again” as a status message on Facebook.

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