The obligatory "lessons learned" post

The year will be coming to a conclusion in less than two weeks and it’s been one hell of year, I will always remember this year as the year I almost went crazy but that’s a post for another day. There is no special reason that I wanted to do this post, I just felt like listing the things that I’ve learned this past year. This has been one of those years where so many things have crazy happened that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to remember the experiences and mistakes that would shape my character and make me into a better person but I’ll try, I’ll try to list most of the things that I’m grateful to have learned in this crazy year. I’ll start with the biggest lessons and end with the fickle things that I have become notorious for.

here it goes, these are the biggest lessons for 2008.

  1. People are not the enemy: I was a weird kid growing up, I was always “unique” and I was never afraid of being who I am but society never lets people be themselves they want us all to play a role that they’ve created for us, I somehow was immune to being an actor to society’s norm so I always stood out when I was younger it was worse, my eccentricity was a little over the top and people didn’t like it so certain members society tried their best to break my spirit, like my primary school principal, most of my teachers in High-school, and my peers. Because I was such a target, I ended up creating this force field around myself as means to protect my spirit, I refused to conform to the standards society placed for me. I became a Introverted( I was the definition of an extrovert before puberty) Strengthened the force field around me and would only allow people who would try to make an effort of understanding( read tolerated) my idiosyncrasies those who would try to make me be “normal” I would throw away. This went on for years and as a results of this I’ve had only four people whom I can call friend since puberty. But I’ve decided to weaken the force field( I don’t think i will ever get rid of it) around my heart, give people a chance and not be suspicious pf their motives, I’m learning to trust people, learning to become more sociable, learning to trust my social skills without the aid of intoxicant. It still takes a while for me to trust people but I’m hoping that the time will come when I’ll be comfortable around people.
  2. I will never let anyone walk all over me:

    I had to learn this one the hard way but I’m glad I did. I would have been the angriest person alive if I hadn’t learned to say fuck you back to ass holes. I don’t know how but I somehow let people treat me like crap and did nothing about it. I didn’t think of myself as a person who would let people get away with screwing with me but I did and I told myself that I would never do that ever again. The thing is people usually don’t realize that the are screwing with you unless you tell them, I always considered their feeling ahead of mine but I finally realized that I was stupid for doing that I have to be selfish sometimes and think of me.

  3. Friends and family are Important: I hate saying this but I have been taking my friends and family for granted, I just didn’t realized how important it is to have people who care about you. I had to move more than 50 Kilometres away, to a town I hate to realize that. These past five months have been tough on me, I’ve missed my mom, dad, sis, dog, friends, ex-girlfriends, and everything I didn’t know I cared about.
  4. I can do it: I never believed in myself, I thought everything I had achieved was not due to my abilities but was because of mere luck. It had to take an Interviewer to call me and tell me that if I start to believe in myself I could go places because I am a talented individual who can do anything if I put my mind to it. I must admit I haven’t really mastered the art of self confidence yet but I’m working hard on it.
  5. AQUILOGY needs to chill: One of things that people usually tell me is that I stress too much, I over-think things and I always assume that the worst things will happen( hence the label on this blog titled “the universe VS AQUILOGY”) I’ve finally admitted to myself that I stress too much and I need to chill but admitting it is not enough, I still stress over the most menial things. I need to find ways to make me not stress as much( and no Booze is not one of them).
  6. I complain a lot: I knew from way back that I’m a person who likes to complain and I kinda like that about myself, if I don’t like something I will complain. I guess this turns most people off but I don’t care, they can suck my dick until they numb it, I won’t stop complaining.
  7. I am not invincible: When I was I got sick every odd month that my granny nicknamed me Skoro-koro but that all stopped when I reached puberty between 1999 and 2003 I never got sick. In 2003 I had one ear infection and a cannabis induced asthma attack( that was the first and last time I tried weed). 2004 I got one cold, 2005 I had a bad strain of flu, 2006 I never got sick, 2007 I got tension headaches but my super immunity started to slack off this year, I have been sick an average of once every month. This was a good thing because it reminded me that I’m human and I have to take care of my body if I want to attain longevity. it also forced me to limit my trans-fat intake and to reduce my alcohol consumption.
  8. I’m naturally chubby: With puberty came my weight gain, every year since 2000 I have gained a lot of fat, I’ve tried everything to fight my inner fatty from coming out but this year I conceded defeat. I am big boned and there’s no point of me fighting it, I should embrace it.
  9. I am good looking: A friend of mine used to have this hot girlfriend who didn’t want us to comment on her obviously attractive features because she didn’t want to play the role of “the hot chick” she wanted people to see past her good looks. I was like that I didn’t want people to comment on my obvious good looks because I wanted to be more than the ridiculously attractive guy, I also didn’t want people to think that I’m. Don’t get me wrong, I was always aware that I was blessed with good facial features but I just didn’t want the world to know that I know I’m hot but Starting from now, I’m going to use my god given talent to my advantage. The was a study a few months ago that revealed that people who were good looking( according to society standards) had a better chance of being hired than people who were beautiful in their own way( another cliche statement that proves that society has a f**ked the fuck up view when it comes to look, I mean beautiful in your own way= Ugly in every body’s way) and since I measure up to society’s effed up standard of beauty I’m going to use my looks to my fullest advantage, getting jobs, getting away with murder and bagging suga mama’s I’m going to do it all without shame!!!!
  10. The undergarment is not the enemy: Don’t act surprised like you didn’t know I was gonna go there! If you are a long time reader of this blog you’ll know the story: When I was fifteen I gained weight and all of my undies couldn’t fit me anymore so I had to go the Britney spears route and wore no drawers, I sorta liked the freedom that not wearing undies give you( literally and figuratively) so I didn’t wear underwear ever since. I liked the feeling of going free willy it was liberating, I didn’t see the point of wearing underwear and I still don’t but I did go back to wearing underwear this year because of work and it didn’t affect me at all.

That was ost of the things I learned this year, I apologize for going emo on y’all but it’s December and I knew i could get away with it!