Immunity? what immunity?

Dear Immune system, I hate to tell you this but your perfomance has been really bad lately. I don’t understand why you are failing me, I pay a lot of money for you; the multi-vitamins, fruits and vegetable that I consume for you don’t come cheap. I don’t understand what went wrong you were so reliable these past years, you would only allow one invasion per year and everything was fine but nowadays you are starting to slack off and the company is starting to suffer. Your perfomance has been terrible as of late, how the hell can you let the enemy invade the same spot over and over and over again, what did the bronchi do to deserve you negligence? Am I overworking you with my late Saturday night drinking session? Are you finally fed up with me wearing shorts early in the morning even though it’s chilly outside? Please let me know what the problem is so we can both work on it, I hate to say this but I’m tired of getting sick. People at the plant are starting to question my HIV status and that is not good for our brand. I hope that you know how valueble you are to me, no matter how tempting it is I cannot just fire you, you are irreplaceble so please, for my sake and yours, pick up your socks I expect you to be at your best the next two weeks the lat thing I need is to be sick during the special month of December.


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