Random sh!t on my mind

  • The wasn’t as much hype about the sales war between Kanye west and Ludacris compared to that of 50 VS Kanye, could it be that we the listeners don’t really care about dumb shit like that?
  • I live in a house owned by a young couple, I live with the said couple but for the past seven weeks the husband hasn’t been home, he’s been away on business and now the neighbours are starting to talk. Yesterday when i came back from work the neighbour called me, he was busy gardening so I thought he was going to ask me something about gardening but when we both met at the fence he asked such an unexpected question that I can’t help but laugh when I’m typing this. he asked me if me and Jen( the lady I’m staying with) are related, i said no and asked him why he was asking he said he was just curious but I could tell that he was probably thinking that me and Jen were getting it on while the hubby is away on business.
  • My boss/Mentor/ The Engineering manager is going to retirement next month, He’s the only nice person at the plant( ation) and he promised to put make me a Jr Projects Engineer next month but now that he’s leaving I don’t know if that will materialize, a fellow colleague of mine was promised a job at the farms( he has a Bsc in agriculture) but management changed it’s mind and gave him a shit position as a production area leader. If it can happen to him it could happen to me.
  • I don’t know what’s happening to me but I have extreme Blogger’s block, every time I get near a screen my mind goes blank and I end up posting half ass shit like I was blogging for TVSA.
  • I just found out that I won’t be getting a bonus this December, In fact I’ll be getting less money than I usually get because the plant won’t be operating for one week this year. January is going to be hard month for yours truly.
  • I bought myself the cheapest camera I could find, It’s far from what i wanted but the camera I wanted costs more that twice my monthly salary so this will do.
  • Christmas decoration at shopping malls are nauseating.
  • A friend of mine who’ll be spending a year teaching( because he wanted to make a difference) just found out he’ll be teaching at one of the roughest schools in Soweto, Emndeni High school. I wish him all the luck in the world. LMAO
  • Does anyone know when the nominees for the SA blog awards will be announced? I’m interested to know if they’ll me any more fuckery ’cause the 2008 winners were shady.