These white bloggers are filthy rich.

Three weeks ago I took that pointless survey that was running and forgot about it , then this morning I received an e-mail from a fellow blogger asking me to do a post about the results. I’m not a person who will do a post after being requested to, in fact if someone asks me to do a post that I was planning to do I would usually not do it just to piss them off( Like when I didn’t do a post about condom shortages and world AIDS day after someone urged me to). This time was different the person who sent me the e-mail obviously knew that the results were gonna interest me because of the obvious facts they’ve revealed. I’m tired and I wasn’t planning on posting anything this week( don’t look so darn surprised it’s December) So I’ll comment two specific results.

1. Most South-African bloggers are filthy rich and they are( cough, cough) white too: I don’t know why so much people are so shocked by this, I mean it’s so obvious all you have to do is browse the the top 100 of amatomu and read what South-Africans blogger are talking about in fact I once felt guilty about not reading as much South-African material as i should but then it hit me like the point of intoxication, these bloggers really sound like my mother’s madam and it wasn’t a good thing. As a young boy who spend 21.5 years of his life in the township and who was struggling to pay his college tuition I couldn’t relate to these bloggers talking about their gadget and the new SLK Mercedes they’ve just purchased( Y’all know who you are).

2. Most bloggers don’t make that much money from blogging: I don’t know about you but if I was a middle aged blogger who earns more than 50 000 rands per month I wouldn’t really be worried about change from adsense. no? If I was filthy rich I would only blog about how rich and successful I am and how fucked the rest of my readers are, I really wouldn’t spend much time trying to find ways to monetize my fucking blog.

I really don’t know why so many bloggers are upset about the results I didn’t need a survey to tell me that more than half of S.African bloggers are old, rich, married, educated and white and that there’s no real money in blogging. I mean come on, Bloggers need to chill


7 thoughts on “These white bloggers are filthy rich.

  1. How the heck do people earn that much from their blogs?? Are they professional blogs? Technical?Do they have massive traffic??Hmmm…Otherwise, I think there is something we are missing here. Perhaps we should figure out how these guys do it.Me, I would rather like to earn R3000 for doing something I do already 🙂

  2. Me?Na :)Good for them, I say! I’m sure they have more technical know-how than I do. And put more effort into making it profitable. And probably have more cohesive content too…It is clearly a world I am not in!

  3. @ Laura: I’m sure we too can make money from blogging if we really( COUGH, COUGH) work hard at it.@ Chris: Nah I’m not annoyed, I just had a long day and felt like postin half assed shit like I usually do.

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