I broke my five year vow today.

In 2003 a few designers met and came up with a conspiracy to feminize all men to fulfill their perverted fantasies, they coined a term “metrosexual” to make men feel at ease with doing feminine stuff like use facial products, taking care of their nails and wearing pony-tails Beckham style. They finally convinced the whole world that Men can wear pink, I’m kidding about the whole fashion designers’ conspiracy but way back when fashion magazine bamboozled gullible women into bamboozling their boyfriends to wear pink I wasn’t having none of it, I thought pink looked terrible on men and me and my friend made a pact that we’ll never wear pink ever!

For the past five year my friend and I have managed to avoid anything pink, salmon, peach. Even when the whole pink thing was at it’s peak we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing pink, everybody thought we were stupid and maybe we were but we would stick to our guns when someone tried to make us wear pink, like when my friends girlfriend used to tease him for being old fashioned and would say the most cliched things like “real men wear pink” or when the hottest sales assistant told me that salmon would really compliment my light complexion. we wouldn’t budge, we just refused to wear pink

But yesterday after five years of holding strong I fell, I saw the most awesome t-shirt ever, it was pink( ish) had the most dope graphics and it looked very good. I just couldn’t resist the temptation( mainly because I hadn’t had a good nights rest in three days) so I took my debit card and purchased the darn thing and I don’t feel an ounce of guilt, I just don’t know how to break the news to my partner in crime.


2 thoughts on “I broke my five year vow today.

  1. i think its good mate, pinks just a color. brutal on the insomnia man, i am a grumpy bastard too especially when i don’t get my 10-12 hours of beauty rest. dude, that blows your not diggin your job, i’m in the same boat; i feel your pain. just drink a few more and get a little crazier this decembre to drown it out…might help with the sleep too. be safe.peace aquilogy,b-o-p

  2. just drink a few more and get a little crazier this decembre to drown it out…might help with the sleep too. be safe.^^^That’s exactly what I’m planning to do.lol.

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