Decisions, Decisions,………

Here’s the thing, I’m not happy about working at a food manufacturing plant. I’m not as passionate about Engineering as I should be, The only reason I chose Engineering was because I had spent a year deciding what career I wanted to pursue and after a year passed I still didn’t know so I chose the path that sounded good on the career brochure I had at the time, but I still find the energy part( Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Energy transfers etc) of it Interesting enough to keep me from forgetting the fact that I chose the wrong fucking career. I’m not happy doing what I do now, It’s basically the same shit day in day out, I had planned on leaving by the end of the year but then they promised to put me on the projects team.

I think I’ve said it on my last post but my boss/ The Engineering Manager promised to put me in an acting position as a Junior Projects Engineer. The offer really sounds good, I mean if I take it, I will too busy to realize just how boring Engineering is and how much the plant( ation) suck. The problem is four people have resigned from that position in less than two years and that’s not good. Plus the company has screwed with me for the past four months that I really think they have my best Interest at heart, they are just desperate and I’m the only person who’s semi-qualified to take that position.

I don’t know which option should I choose, Should I stay here and get screwed even more or should I be brave and start all over again at a company that will give me proper training? I don’t know which to decide, It took me so long to find a company that I’m scared to start all over again but then again being here is so emotionally taxing and mentally exhausting that I don’t think I’ll survive a year without breaking down. I’ll have to decide soon ’cause time is running out.