Random thoughts on my head

1. I’m starting to get scared, how on earth is it possible for one person to get flu eight times in eleven months?!? Three weeks ago I had to endure an infection in my whole respiratory tract, a cocktail of antibiotics that made me drowsy, and a swollen trachea and now I’m starting to have flu symptoms again! My sister tells me that it’s probably stress but I’ve been stressed before and I didn’t get flu 8 effing times. If it were possible, i would fire my immune system ’cause it’s not doing a good job nowadays.

2. If you are on afrigator you must have received an e-mail from thembegging asking you to join the first blog advertising network in Africa, Adgator. Apparently Adgator is better than other blog advertising services because you get paid everytime someone visits your blog, for instance, an average of 4500 visitors per month visit this site that could equal to R450 per month of revenue that I could theoretically receive if I used Adgator instead of the pay-per-click system other networks use. Another thing is that they split half the money with you instead of taking about 80% like other networks do( I’m talking about you Adsense). That sounds too good to be true so I’ll just wait a while before I switch services.

3. Who made Thursdays the official Reggae night at all the clubs, The club just outside the Internet cafe I use is playing Reggae at the moment. The bar/ Brothel/ Strip club a few houses from here is also playing Reggae, If you tune into any Black community Radio they are probably playing Reggae. I think this all started when The admiral and Jahseed started having reggae night at some club in Newtown, Jo’burg. They’ve created a monster.

4. Am I the only who finds the ama kip-kip T-shirts annoying, they don’t look that good and everybody is has been bamboozled into thinking they are trendy by that nut-head from that faux-hip hop group Jozi wearing it. Somebody needs to tell them that T-shirt looks Stupid.

5. One of the best Hip Hop Blogger, Byron Crawford has lost his touch, I’ve been a lurker at his site since 2006 and I’ve noticed that his posts are getting more and more half-arsed and that’s bad ’cause he used to be kak funny.