‘Cause i felt like writing

I’ve been by some guy who think he blogs better than everybody else that you must not attempt to post anything unless you have a topic or something to that effect but I’m AQUILOGY and don’t usually listen to other people’s logic so I’m going to do a post just for the sake of it. What will I talk about today, for the past two weeks I’ve been having trouble writing here. Gone are the days when I could sit at the computer lab at campus and effortlessly do 5 posts in one day, now by the time I knock off at work I’m too exhausted to think straight and end up sitting staring at the screen for hours thinking of what I’m going to write. I’m at the same campus computer lab that I used to spend the whole day at writing dumb and borderline genius stuff I used to pull out of my ass the first half of this year. Damn, I missed those days, they were fun. But I have to grow up and move on.

I’m thinking of doing a theme change for this blog, I don’t know about you but I’m sick of this minimalist theme with a purple background and a stolen picture for a header. I need something new and fresh.

I’ve decided not to write for Kill Whitey anymore, I don’t see the point of going through more racist e-mails from white supremacist and I don’t want to have another blogger stalk like that guy who created about 13 blogs talking shit about me. I’m too young and fresh to deal with old white men who can’t get it up and then proceed to take out their frustration on black guys with big dicks. Hope rooster understands.

What’s with all these celebrities having blogs at okayplayer.com, I don’t see the point. We already see you on our television sets. But I kinda like El-p’s blogs but that’s mainly because he’s white and i have a disturbing obsession with white rappers.

My Beer loving has shunned me all because I had the audacity to not go to that darn wedding I wasn’t invited to, Somebody tells me it was the most beautiful wedding they’ve ever seen and I’m glad I didn’t attend. I would have been all nauseous from the sight of two people in love.

I feel stupid that I’m probably the only black guy who hasn’t seen the movie ‘Jerusalema‘ I really should see it. My mother saw it and she thought it was dope and all the white critics who just love seeing the Hollywood version of how township people act (a la tsotsi) are raving about it. I should really go see it and make good use of my weekend.

I have a sneaky suspicion that some blogger I helped make famous by blog rolling(no, seriously) has stuck me off her blog roll. I know she lurks here and i wish her all the luck now that her blog is the stuff dumb people like.

I’ve noticed that more and more black people are creating their blogs via blat.co.za which is great, I was getting tired of seeing the racist bullshit that floating around the South-African blogosphere.

The Sowetan is dead, I remember back in the days when Sowetan wasn;t a tabloid but a good read nowadays you can’t tell the difference between it and the daily Sun.

I thought it was only an urban legend but it’s true, there are dogs out there that are trained to bark only at black people. It’s quite funny really. Every time I go out to buy bread I’m prepared to get barked at by the dogs in my Neighbourhood. the dogs never bark at the many homeless white folks who like to scavenge through rubbish bins.


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  1. Dude. I love your blog.I wonder if Jerusalema is out in the US? Probably not :(I will have to watch it when I get home…Have you read the book Tsotsi?*Too* disturbing. But actually WAY better than the movie!

  2. I have searched the book but I can’t seem to find it, but I’ll make sure I read it before the end of the year.Dude. I love your blog.^^Thnx Laura, I enjoy yours too( Both of them)

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