An insult to their loyal service

I’m sorta biased when it comes to this issue because my mother is a domestic worker( Maid) and I’ve seen first hand how her working for the same “madam” for more than 25 years has almost killed her spirit. But I’m going to say it nonetheless, Today “year end” function really left a bad taste in my mouth. Yep the bastards at work put on a show every year to somehow bamboozle the workers that they care about them when actually they wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if you loose a finger. One of the reason I hate waking up to go the plant is seeing faces that resemble my mother loyally for these bastards only to earn peanuts. And what’s frustrating is that the workers are really not aware that these corporate motherfuckers are exploiting them and when they get sick from walking in and out of freezing tunnels where the average air temperature is below -18 degrees Celsius.

So this morning was the bloody year end function and the first thing they did was hand out awards for people who’ve slaved at the plant for more than 5 years. They first issued fucking award certificate for people who’ve served massa for 5 years then 10 years and so on and so forth. But when the reached 25 years onwards I was starting to get pissed because the recipients where still working at the same post they were working on when they first started working there. The company didn’t anything to develop them further, which really sucks they could have took them to managerial training courses or something not just exploit them for more than a quarter century and not give them something in return! I mean people have worked so much that your company is now the leading frozen food manufacturer in the world and all they get for it is a worthless piece of paper! what are they supposed to tell their kid, “Kids, I’m very proud of myself. I’ve worked for the same company for more than 25 years. I can’t show anything for it, I still can’t afford to take you to college but at least I have this certificate”? That’s fucked up, I was sorta waiting for someone to actually tear the certificate into a million little pieces and throw it in the GM face but nobody did. They seemed happy plus if they did that they’ll get fired without pension faster than you can say “Think again”.

I can’t believe i dragged myself out of bed in the pouring rain to watch old people, who should be treated with honour and respect get insulted like that. How can they award them with such a cheap prize, a fucking piece of paper. My colleague, whom I loved dearly now has problem with his joints because of the extreme cold temperatures he was exposed to. He lived under the Apartheid regime and really could study any further and as a result had to work as a bearing lubricator, he can do fitting work but you couldn’t really have the decency to take him to a training centre where he could get a paper that says he can do fitting work? The guy that you’ve just gave that worthless piece of paper has worked in repacks for such a long time that he can tell when a machine is about to break down and can inspire his team to pack the “record amount of product” that you bastards where bragging about the whole day and you can’t give a position higher than packaging clerk? you guys really suck. I was really undecided on whether to leave your company ’til today. Starting tomorrow I’ll look at new places to work at, or else I’m going to stab someone in the eye with a vernier caliper, shit I can’t believe I stayed around for so long!


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