Kids these days( sigh)

A week ago when I read a story about the 50 kids from the same high school that might have been infected with the HI virus I wasn’t surprised that this thing happened, I mean if you grew up in the townships you knew how high school kids got down during lunch breaks, I remember back when I was still in high school, the was a old mattress at the back of the Grade 7 classes where kids would do all sorts of nasty things. But today while I was cruising the Internets I was amazed to find out that the person who might have infected the 50 kids is actually a school teacher! , apparently a student from Normandy High School came in for a routine AIDS test as part of her prenatal care, and, upon being informed that she’s HIV positive, implicated a staff member at Normandy as the father of the child and also the source of the AIDS. I was amazed not because of the fact that teachers get it on with their student- I mean my High school Geography teacher tried to sleep with my then girlfriend and when he failed he tried to get revenge by making my life hell- but because that this sort of thing happens outside of SOWETO. It’s nice to know that the world is slowly turning into a township!
I really doubt the validity of this story though, I mean how on earth can one teacher manage to sleep with as many as 50 girls without any one noticing it? There’s no way that this could have been a secret somebody must’ve known about this. If this story is true i hope the kids would’ve learned their lesson, but probably not. Kids these days are full of shit( I should know, I was one a few years ago)