A few weeks ago i told y’all about the bachelor party were I might have caught that virus that infected both my bronchi, well the wedding is this weekend. Saturday and Sunday, if you are not a black South-African you might be confused as to why the wedding is held on two separate days. well I’ll explain to you then: Usually when people from two different areas marry both families want the privilege of hosting the wedding so on Saturday they’ll be an official function hosted by the brides’ family and on Sunday the groom’s family will do their own function, it’s a stupid and expensive concept but at least I’ll get to eat and drink for free on two straight days. Any who I wasn’t invited to the Saturday function but because three of my beer loving crew are best men, I’m expected to be there but the problem is in order to get there I have to ditch work on Friday so that I could leave here early the wedding will be some where in the bushes of Vereeniging and I don’t know how to get there, another problem is that the wedding on Sunday won’t really be a wedding it will just be a drinking session and considering how I get down these days, I won’t be able to control myself when free beer is presented. So if I attend the wedding on Saturday, I have to ditch work on Friday and if I attend the wedding on Sunday, I’m going to have to ditch work on Monday because I’ll be too hungover to work on heavy machinery( I don’t wanna loose a finger) What am I to do?