Live from the plantation

As y’all know, I’ve been sick for the past two days and I only went back to the plant today and many exciting things happened during my absence at the plant(tation) but I’m going to tell you about the two most noteworthy:

1. My boss’ halo ran out of helium

Today I had to see my boss to discuss the progress I’m making, he wanted to know what I’ve been learning these pat four weeks, I was a bit drowsy from the anti biotics so I couldn’t really give him an answer plus I was sick for three days and I couldn’t write up progress reports( But ironically I can blog) he wasn’t impressed with me, he went on and on telling how I must pull my socks up if I want to get employed when my temporary contract ends and he told me that I have a negative attitude towards my training and i must change it if i want to get ahead in life. of course he was right but did he have to tell me that while I’m sick and drugged up? I still love him though, I wonder how he stays immune from being an ass hole every body but him at management level is an ass hole.
2.Karma’s Bitch

Remember that artisan who shouted at me? well he got fired yesterday, he’s been coming late to work drunk so the foreman got tired of his antics and axed his skinny ass. I feel sorry for him though, he has a new born and he doesn’t look like someone who saves for tough times so it’s going to be tough for him and his family. i hope he finds a new job soon.

I’m still feeling a bit sick, i have difficulty breathing and the medication makes me feel lethargic, I hope I get better before the weekend.