Random stuff floating

  • Move over Queen Modjadji, AQUILOGY is here: Last week i told you all that I was getting naked to do the rain dance, I did and now it’s raining. it’s been raining since the weekend and you all have me and my naked ass to thank, it was a pity I was sick and couldn’t go outside to dance naked in the rain.
  • I haven’t been to a doctor in four years( Besides the medical exam I had to go through before i got hired), that wasn’t because I was healthy or anything but it was because i couldn’t afford one, Whenever I was sick i would sleep it off but now I can’t. The HR department at work tells me that if I don’t produce a sick note I’ll loose one day’s pay. I’m already getting payed close to nothing the last thing I need is to not get payed a day’s worth so tomorrow I’m going to see a doctor which, ironically, will cost me a day’s worth of my salary.damn.
  • Am I the only person who thinks that you don’t need to have a ridiculous amount of friends on your facebook page? everybody laughs when i tell them i only have 10 facebook friends.
  • Having flu in such a hot climate really sucks, I’ve had 13 glasses of water and this fever won’t stop.
  • I’ve just found out that I’ll be working this December, the plant will only close on the 24th of December and re-open on the 28th!! That is really gonna suck, It’s almost impossible to function after the 15th the festive mood makes people go crazy and I’m not up to working 9.5 hours with crazy people.
  • Eminem’s new song is not half bad
  • beyonce’s new song sucks
  • I miss home
  • I’m too sick to remember what I was gonna say