Never tell your boss/mentor that you’re bored

This has been the most boring week at work. because I’m in the FMCG industry, The engineering side of things is very light so all there is to it is checking for defects on machines and preventing break-downs. After a while things start to get monotonous so this morning my mentor/boss asked me how things are going and I being an dumb person that I am told him the truth, I told him that I’m bored. I actually didn’t think of the consequences of telling your boss that you’re bored, I just thought that he will tell me cliche things like “You’ll get over it” or ” Hang in there” but he didn’t he actually went ahead and tried to make things a little bit exciting for me.

So there I was at the canteen enjoying the same dry food they serve us on a daily basis and in walks my boss, he looked around to see if I was there and I tried using the lady sitting next to me as a shield so that he won’t see me but for an old guy my boss has quite a sharp eye sight, He saw me and waved at me. I pretended not to notice him and he walked over to me and told me that I must see him after lunch. I went to his office expecting him to maybe give me my invitation to the year end function but I was surprised to see two manuals on his desk, I knew that he will give me more work. He told me that he understands that as a student we tend to romanticise whole Industry, we expect things to be exciting but they aren’t most of the things are very boring, he then gave me the most craziest project ever and I don’t know how to start it, he expects me to finish it by next Wednesday. My big mouth just made the boss give me more work, Crap, I should really learn to shut up some times.