Random stuff in my head

  • I wasn’t really aware of how obsessed that old white guy from British who moved to S.Africa after 1994 is until yesterday when a friend of mine e-mailed me a link to a blog dedicated to me, the guy just doesn’t know when to give up. He started by using my name to send racist e-mails in order to discredit me. When that didn’t work, he started calling himself EQUALOGY and started a blog posting my IP address, saying that people should stop reading my other blog because it encourages me to spend time on computers instead of studying.pfft now that dumb dick head has a blog dedicated to yours truly, wow I’m flattered that someone could go to such an effort to try to put dirt on my name.
  • I don’t know what the heck is wrong with my immune system, how is it possible that I could catch flu seven times in 10 months?!!!? There must really be something wrong with me, I’m also scared that maybe I have gotten that mystery virus the media is over-hyping( Flu is one of the symptoms, right?) I think I should go see a doctor ASAP
  • I think I need to fall in love, just to see what the hype is about. I’m sick of seeing people holding hands, kissing and looking like they’ve just seen the Northern light.
  • Just when I thought Byron Crawford couldn’t get any worse, he just called EMINEM the John McCain of this rap sh*t
  • It seems like all my favourite SA bloggers have gone AWOL, first it was Bridget then Supanova, then AfroSliq, now it seems that Obakeng doesn’t feel like blogging anymore WTF but I guess I’m the last person to talk about not blogging, I’ve only managed to do less than 20 posts the last two months.
  • I think i need to get naked and do the rain dance, we are a month away from Summer and it hasn’t rained here in the highveld. I miss the feeling of soft gentle rain drops on my lovely light brown skin( I’m sensuous like that)
  • I need to have brandy soon, it always manages to cure flu



2 thoughts on “Random stuff in my head

  1. Dude, I have to admit that I have been very busy finalizing my degree and also i think i may be having a bout of writer’s block on my side. I’m also free for a couple of days before i start preparing for my exams as well, so i might be out the first 2 weeks of November. Not to mention the last 2 weeks have been hectic in SA, and really it have overwhelmed me and knocked me off balance!I hope your new job is going well!!! And yes, brandy ALWAYS works!!!

  2. ^^^Don’t sweat it bro, just get that Bcom accounting degree.I gave up on SA politricks a while ago that’s why i retired my other

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