How long must we wait??!! pt 2

A while back I asked a question, I wanted to know how long is an appropriate time to wait for your favourite artist’s next project. Of all the artist I listed none of them have released an album, Jean Grae released an album that leaked four years ago, D’angelo released a compilation and Immortal technique released a mixtape. No one released an album so today I’m listing four artists who should release an album soon or else I give a damn about them.

1. Dr Dre: I don’t think I have enough an appreciation of Dre’s music, I’m not that old, when Chronic came out I was five years old but still how long must old rap heads wait ’til detox come out, it was about to be out in ’04 by the time Dre releases Detox soulja boy would have released two greatest hits albums. 2. MF DOOM: Doom is my favourite rapper, I don’t know why really. He just gets to me, all of DOOM’s album are great, I can’t seem to get enough of the Super Villain. He last released an album in ’05 and I think it’s time he releases new material.

3.Mos def: I’m probably the only person on earth who liked The New Danger but still it’s been four years since he released an album( Tru3 magic doesn’t count), If he doesn’t release The ecstatic soon he’ll be forever known as number 63 on the list of stuff white people like which is really sad.

4. Slim shady: I think Eminem was highly overrated, let’s be honest would he have been as successful had he been a *gulp* Black rapper. I don’t really think so, people liked him because he was a white kid who could rap but hateration aside Eminem was a good rapper plus the people who read Vibe mag voted him * cough, cough* best rapper alive.pfft.