Where’s my food gone?

You know what? commune living really sucks. The fact that you I’ll be living with complete strangers sounded exciting at first but a month and six days later, I’m sick of it. I live with two newly weds who have recently had a baby, Readers of this blog know that the sight of people in love nauseates me, so I’m being constantly tortured by people calling each other cheesy names like ‘darling, “sweet face” etc and what’s up with all the baby talk, why do people have to act all stupid whenever there’s a baby around? why can’t they talk like human beings and stop doing the “who’s my little baby? you’re my little baby?” shit I’m quite sure the baby doesn’t find that amusing.

But the one thing that pisses me off the most about living with other people is the fact that they keep eating my food. I love food, i would really punch somebody in the face over a chicken mayo sandwich, I hate it when people eat my food, it’s disrespectful. You are basically telling me that you don’t give a flying fuck about how feel, you don’t care that I was planning to eat that later. there’s no worst feeling than waking up in the morning to find out that somebody has drank all your milk and you are then forced to eat your cereal with juice or trying to pour yourself a glass of brandy after a long day at the plant only to find that the level of the contents has decreased substantially. I think I’m going to put labels on my food with ” Stay away from my food” written on them ’cause this is getting ridiculous