My comebacks are steadily improving

One thing I didn’t like about myself was that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t give a snappy response to someone that offended me. Whenever someone said something that hurt my feelings, I would usually give a weak response like “Oh yeah, well I don’t care” and later think of comebacks I should have used, but ever since I started working at a plant where every second person is an arsehole, I have become well versed in snappy responses. Take today as an example, I was minding my business when one of the artisans came in and told me that I must come and help him install a new conveyor belt, it was five minutes to lunch time so I said no, I’ll help him after lunch and this is what happened afterwards

Dim artisan: You know what AQUILOGY, I’m really sick of your attitude. Everybody here works hard besides you. You don’t get paid to fuck around, your attitude stinks

Me( the heartless bastard): For sure my attitude stinks but so does your breath but you don’t hear me bitching about it.

Dim artisan: You know what, I don’t have time for your nonsense. I’m going to tell the foreman that you don’t want to work with me, you think you are better than me.

Me( the one with the black heart): Go ahead, go tell him. That won’t change the price of bread.

Dumb artisan: You are a lazy young man, you don’t belong in engineering.

Me( King of all jerks): You don’t belong in engineering either, shiiiiiiit the only reason you have a job is because your boss married your sister and you were the lobola*.

Dumb artisan: fuck you.

I would usually feel guilty about the above mentioned incident but ever since a came here, my heart has slowly transformed itself into a lump coal.

Lobola is bride price/drowry/the ridiculous amount of money us African men have to pay to be allowed to marry our sweet hearts( It’s hard out there for guys)


2 thoughts on “My comebacks are steadily improving

  1. that is awsome, you fu*ked that artisan up mayn. and i’m sorry about that dowry shit, sounds rough. i think its the opposite here in the united states of ameri-shit ass bush-hole.cheers mate

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