I’ve decided

I made a decision last night, I decided which blog I’m going to kill off and It’s not this one. I decided to kill off my other blog, you know, the one that attracted the weirdest readers. Like that old white guy who grew up in the UK moved to SA after 1994 and thinks that he has an idea of how bad the Apartheid regime is, and how can I forget that weirdo who used to comment using six different aliases and would say the most racist things, and the black dude who used to tell me how much he hates black people because they always embarrass him when he’s with his white friends( no, really) I just didn’t have it in me to keep posting about South African politricks. And because I have deep respect for my readers, I didn’t think it was fair that I only posted three half-assed posts in two months. So today, provided the PC I’m using stops fucking around, I’ll be posting the obligatory farewell post at my other blog. So if you happen to read both my blogs( which is highly unlikely provided how different they are to each other) catch my last post at my other blog. It’s going to be half-assed but you are probably used to that.