I met an unusual roots fan

I’ve heard that white people like that band ‘The Roots’ but i was under the impression that I could tell from a mile away if a white person like the roots or not. Everybody who knows his way around Jo’burg, Yeoville to be exact, will tell you about certain white people with dreadlocks who like to preach to you about how misunderstood the rap culture is. So you can imagine how surprised I was when an Afrikaner from Daggafontein, Springs told me how much he loves the roots.
I was sitting at the tea room trying to hide from my boss because I didn’t submit progress reports yesterday, I was singing the chorus to ‘the show’ of their latest crappy album And this guy Jan with a deep boere accent was like ‘Yoh dude you listen to the roots?’, I nodded my head and I could see his face light up. He started doing this long speech about how the roots crew is the greatest thing in Rap and how they are single handedly keeping hip hop alive. I used to feel like that a while back, I used to listen to their live album almost on a daily basis and then i got hold of their early work and after that I really couldn’t care much about the roots. I realized that every roots album after post-2000 pales in comparison with their two best albums Illadelph halflifeand my personal favourite ‘Do you want more??!!?. Everything about the roots nowadays is a disappointment, album after album( with the exception of ‘Game theory’) they disappoint me, Black thought seems to have forgotten how to rap, the beats are boring, and the guest appearances are becoming pointless and annoying. This becomes apparent when you listen to their latest album and when you get to the hidden track you can’t help but feel like things were better when Thought used to rap like this. I wondered if Jan had listened to the roots’ earlier work so I asked him how many roots album has he listened to and he has only listened to three ( Phrenology, rising down and the tipping point), I was tempted to preach about how bad the roots have become but i didn’t want to sound like those artsy types I can’t stand, so I went outside to try to think of an excuse to tell my boss.