I’m not dead yet

I haven’t really been posting as regularly ever since I came to this hell-hole called springs but nope, I haven’t died and went to sheol, I just haven’t been able to post anything because for some odd reason all Internet cafes at Springs close at 17hoo and I knock off at 16h30 anyways I felt I needed to tell my readers that, I apologize for the absence and for not replying to your comments. I have a lot to say for some odd reason I can’t remember what I wanted to write about so I’ll go random again.

  • Springs suck, this town is bullshit personified, I miss Johannesburg. I hate seeing old people driving slowly, I hate the slow pace of this crappy old town. I regret not moving to the townships at least there’s a little vibe there the CBD is dry and boring
  • Working sucks: Why didn’t anybody tell working at any plant sucks, shit I can’t believe 9.5 hours of my life are wasted on doing something that is slowly killing my spirit, I swear by the end of the year I’ll be an asshole like everybody that works at that factory.
  • Cooking sucks, I don’t know how mom managed to do it for so long. I’ve been cooking for myself for two weeks now and It’s hell, If I could afford it I’d buy Takeaways everyday.
  • My dog is dying and it pains me to see it suffer like that, It has been with me for 9 years, it survived being poison, being hit by a car and being a pet to a dickhead like me but it won’t survive old age. It was very sick on Saturday and there’s nothing the vet can do about it.
  • I miss the Internet(no, really) I won’t use the PCs at work for blogging because the assholes at work are looking for a reason to terminate my one year contract and I won’t give them the pleasure.
  • I’m ready to kill off my South-African blog so If anybody is Interested in taking it over, hit me up at my e-mail aquilogy@gmail.com
  • I’m going to be contributing to the best South-African blog eva, Kill whitey so as soon as I have time, I’ll be spitting hot fumes at all those bloody racist expats.
  • I need a drink, I haven’t had a drink in 40 days and I”M THIRSTY