The vegans are at it again

I love vegans and I respect their decision from abstaining from all meat products, I just wish they would respect my decision to kill and eat a cow for meat.

This morning I was busy eating muesli and yogurt biscuits with a strong cup of coffee because I couldn’t sleep last, I accidentally switched on the TV and Morning Live came on, the presenter was reading an e-mail from a vegan and the vegan had the nerve to accuse us carnivores of causing global warming. If I can remember correctly, the vegan said that 80% of green house gases are caused by animals which are bred to satisfy our appetite for flesh. The vegan went on to say that a lot of water and vegetables that could be used to feed the poor is being used to feed the animals.

I’m no specialist when it comes to global warming but I couldn’t help but think that the person who wrote that e-mail is full of sh*t, no really, I know that cow dung produces a lot of methane but to suggest that humans only produces 20% of green house is laughable are you trying to tell me that if we minus all cows out of the equation things will get better? Why do vegans always do this? Why do they always go out of their way to try to convince us not to eat meat? You guys are always going on about the fact that giving up meat is the healthier but we didn’t buy that sh*t because there are certain nutrients that are only found in meat so you are the ones missing out on vitamin B12. So please leave us alone we love meat, we think it tastes good. And even if cows are responsible for global warming there’s is nothing much we can do about it, that is what nature intended what we only have control on what we do as humans do to our planet.

I apologize for sounding a bit anal it’s just that my team lost 4-0 to Man United


7 thoughts on “The vegans are at it again

  1. Hey Aquilogy, i love your writing…i’d love to keep in touch… actually i just read your 21 ?uestions on Blat and tried all of 6 times to post my comment, but despite my correct input of the security codes, it kept refusing me …dunno about you but in the short time i’ve been using blat it’s given me no joy…i accept responsability for my own bad luck, so onto the point, here’s the comment i copied and pasted (save for losing the first and best one). I’ve enjoyed your blogs, please read mine if you get through…my 21 ?uestions comment…The answers all stem from the same problem – here’s some more questions…If government means an authoritarian body protecting it’s people by enforcing law and order – why is there so much chaos? And if anarchy means having no government, why do people think that means ‘inevitable chaos’? As long as government treats us like children we’ll act like ones, but if individuals stop looking to the government to tell us what to do, and believe in the change we wish the government would be, then we’d stop paying so much attention to the sunday times. AnarchyRulesNobody – do you believe in yourself or should someone govern how you behave?

  2. I also have problems commenting on blat, the security code only works when you’re logged on I think I’ll copy and paste your answers from here to my blat blog, thnx for dropping by.

  3. Let me say first of all. Vegans love you too. I’ll try to be as clear as I can because you are obviously limited in your ability to process and comprehend a simple concept. The meat and dairy industries are the biggest users of fossil fuels (more than 1/3 of all use)this massive amount of fuel is used to transport feed to the livestock, move the livestock to the slaughterhouses,transport the meat in refrigerated trucks (which use even more fuel) to the packing facilities, and ship the meat to the countless points of sale (stores); they use more than 80 percent of the agricultural land mass to feed livestock; more than 2500 gallons of water is needed to yield 1 lb. of meat; the massive amounts of feces and urine generated by livestock pollutes waterways and causes huge fish kills; factory farms release large quantities of toxic gases such as methane, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia into the atmosphere. As for your idiotic b12 deficiency argument. A small number of people develop B12 deficiencies, most of them not vegans, just like people with deficiencies in every other type of vitamin and mineral. B12 (also called cobalamin due to its central cobalt atom) is a water-soluble vitamin with a very low recommended daily intake requirement, about 2-3 micrograms per day. That’s MICROgrams, not milligrams. In addition to having extremely low intake requirements, Vitamin B12 is stored in the liver, kidneys, and muscle tissue, and most B12 (65-75%) is reabsorbed by the body instead of excreted. A deficiency could take from 5 to 20 years of inadequate intake to develop. All of the Vitamin B12 in the world ultimately comes from bacteria. Neither plants nor animals can synthesize it. But plants can be contaminated with B12 when they come in contact with soil bacteria that produce it. Animal foods are rich in B12 only because animals eat foods that are contaminated with it or because bacteria living in an animal’s intestines make it. Understand something. Vegans don’t (as far as the ones I know) say things to guilt you out of eating whatever it is you want to eat. We say these things because of the constant bitching we hear about the condition of the earth and your health issues. You couldn’t possibly be serious about your health or the well being of our planet because of the counter-productive things you do. What you eat, I don’t excrete. You have to suffer the consequences of your actions. Respectfully,

  4. You have to suffer the consequences of your actions.^^^That proves my point,years and years of tofu and soymilk must have really made you a bitter person huh?

  5. No, man. I’m not bitter at all. As I said at the beginning, vegans love you too. That includes me. But I do find it funny how you chose to isolate that one sentence out everything I wrote. When I wrote respectfully at the end of my comment I meant it, and I also meant everything else that I said. Your Vegan Brother Bryan (Vegan Avatar!)

  6. Fucking stupidest thing i’ve ever heard the first quote “I respect vegans and I wish they could respect my decision to kill and eat animals” You really must be a smart guy……… NOT.Fucking moron. Hope I meet a person as stupid as you irl, so I can bash them. Alternatively, kick their fucking teeth in for being such a fucking asshole. Bye.

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