AQUILOGY’s got Haters

There’s a saying that goes: You know you’ve made it when you have a bunch of people hating on you” I didn’t know just how true that statement was until I did that post about Zim Zoo ad at my other blog ever since then I’ve been receiving the most funny e-mail from those type of South-African who spend their time setting up blogs about how bad things are in South-Africa, the e-mails weren’t that racist until I wrote a post about their dumb blogs and ever since then I’ve received e-mails telling how I’m wasting my mothers money by blogging instead of studying, which is very stupid because I’ve managed to get an average two distinctions every semester so I do study, y’all are just mad that I can be able to manage three blogs, Studying and enjoying beer with one eye open and with no Internet access at home. Your white supremacist thinking probably got you scratching your head as to how this 21 year old black Soweto resident who went to a township school manages to do the impossible while you can’t even say something Interesting at your blogs, the only thing you are good at is talk about Zimzania or whatever the hell it is you guys like making noise about.

It’s quiet Interesting how you can make noise about how I won’t reply your questionnaire and when I do you say the most dumb things like “Does UJ-DFC know how much time you spend on their computers blogging? and the M-er F-er is American black slang not African! ” and what exactly where you trying to achieve by publishing my E-mail address and my IP?

You probably thought like leaving comments like these would hurt me

No wonder blacks cant move forward they are always dissecting adverts looking for racial reasons to condemn them.You surprised me with your answer to my poll when you said that only white people were racist,I personally don`t give a shit what they put in adverts because I don`t spend my life looking for hidden meanings.How about using your privaliged time at UJ to look forward, and try to make things better, or are you ANCYL?

But it doesn’t, I usually laugh when racist people get all defensive. John King, Equaliser, you guys are have just made my day. Hate on me haters but I’ll keep shining like the African sun…


8 thoughts on “AQUILOGY’s got Haters

  1. People are always gonna find something to hate. It’s best you not be bothered and concentrate on yourself as a human being. Don’t lose your humanity by becoming a hater. And don’t care what others think. You can’t control their thoughts only your own.

  2. That’s the attitude mchana. Maybe we have been too good coming up with funny non-scientific solutions like the Sunset Clause. I have always argued that if some redneck finds the kitchen (Azania or Afrika) too hot why they fcuk can’t they get out of the kitchen. The whole globe is made up of countries with better records at treating their bleached lookalikes better. But I love the way you handle them, I guess if you go to one entry I did titled Bloggers of Mzansi you’ll find more hate to make even Verwoed blue with shock.But it’s like I say, never lose yourself in the madness. Tell them btiches were to get off, one of those places to get off is called OR Tambo Airport, and let them be thankful that they can blog and say siht and get none of us rounding them up.And what if you ANCYL? Is it anybody’s business, do they know some stuff about freedom of association? Cool Mchana, let them have it.

  3. I once got the most nasty comment on a blog post I did about the Old South African flag… so I emailed the dud thinking I could reason with him.Bad idea :(Eish his response made me feel a bit ill…

  4. Hey there!Keep on blogging!Someone sent me a note last week telling me “stop saying_______!” please, I can write whatever I want to write and if they don’t like what I write, then they can step.Don’t even worry about those who criticize… they secretly admire what you do or else they would not even spend the time watching you.Two jealous bloggers started a smear campaign against my blog and now I have TRIPLE the amount of visitors at my blog.(smiles)Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!Lisa

  5. @ 10 workers media& Laura: Could you guys send me your hyperlinks I would love to read about your posts.@ Blackwomanblowstrumpet: What a great way to get back at those two

  6. It was just one particular post (which was quite random really!): made the mistake of thinking I could reason with the guy so I corresponded with him via email a bit. But it was just a bit horrible. The thing that is difficult is that sometimes people with very hateful attitudes have been badly hurt (not always, but sometimes). Maybe violent crime against them or their families.And as much as racism is complete nonsense, its always complete nonsense, my heart still goes out to someone whose daughter was raped or husband was killed in a hijacking or whatever, you know? Its just sad that experiences like that can twist up the way you see the world and people. But then on the other hand, a lot of the time racism is just people being idiots without any reason. Beyond the inability to think for themselves and see that the world is bigger than just them and their experience of it.I guess its like 10workers media says, “never lose yourself in the madness”:)

  7. Thanks for the url Laura,I’ve just read your post and it’s beautifully written, I sometimes feel that you blog is the most underrated I wish so many people could visit it.I just read the comment by Ed and It’s very offensive esp the part when he says that all black people are murderers, normally I would be enraged but I haven’t slept well in five days.Have a nice day;)

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