On getting Interviewed

After going to about a dozen Interviews I have come to a conclusion that I might be a little racist. I don’t know if this happens to anybody else but I’ve noticed that every time I’m being Interviewed by a black guy I tend to relax thinking that the brotha will help me out and give me a job because I have a high level of melanin in my skin . When I’m Interviewed by a white person I get very tense and I start to mumble, thinking that I won’t get the job because I’m a darkie.
This is stupid because HR people don’t kcuf around, they won’t hire someone because of their looks, they hire people because on merit( I hope so) but I still can’t help thinking that the person Interviewing me is probably making assumptions about me, like this one time when I was asked how I managed to come this far being from a township school and all. What if they think that I have a crimminal record because I’m SOWETO? what if they don’t believe that I have a genuine interest in InfraRedd photography?
I can be paranoid sometimes